Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday again?

Hello my bloggers! Can't believe it's Friday again, his week has flown by! I was going to post on Wednesday but I completely collapsed. My poor body decided not to cooperate anymore. I've rested a couple of days and I'm better again. It had to come, last few months I've been sleeping maximum 4 hours a day...anyway, I'm much better now, slept most of the past two days! I wanted to share with you that my layout Star (scroll down) was chosen as a featured LO of the week at Scrapartist (last week). I've got a few new ones, one is my DD being potty trained, well, not really trained because she never went. She skipped potty completely and started going straight to the normal loo. I love this photo of her and the Shakespeare was just perfect for it:

Credits here.

And this is my first LO for Rachel Young with her Shine papers and ShangriLa elements:

Credits here.

And another one that I've done for our team challenge at Weeds&Wildflowers. It was about scrapping a page about our favorite place. Bet you love mine:-):

Credits here.

And in the meantime I managed to finish a new kit American Dreamer, especially for the celebration of 4th of July! I'm gonna be leaving to Prague on the 3rd and I won't have connection at home. Last time I tried quite a few internet cafes with wi-fi but it wasn't working properly, I couldn't connect to a lot of pages. Still don't know the reason why. So I just wanted to have everything ready before. I've already uploaded it in the store! Here's the preview:

Not all the elements are shown here. The detailed description of what you get is in the store:-) Next weekend there's going to be another GRAB BAG SALE at Divine Digitals and I'm gonna have mine ready for you for sure! I'll finish it before I leave so I don't get all stressed, lol! It'll be enough of stressing on the way to Prague because I'm flying alone with the two little ones and it's not a direct flight:-( At least we're going via Munich which is quite a small airport so there's no danger we'd have to run from terminal to terminal. And we'll have 3 hours waiting there, uffff. Think of me, hopefully I'll survive in a decent state of sanity!

On to your today's freebie, ready? GO! Here's the preview, have been stamping:-) I love Michelle Coleman's stamped alpha and I found myself using it again and again because it's so versatile. So just to have a little different alpha at least sometimes I've done this (not Michelle, I know, hers is just genius!)...

It contains capitals and a few symbols and you can grab it here. SORRY THE LINK HAS EXPIRED. Tips for recoloring: color overlay doesn't work all that nice on this one. Try different blend modes, i.e. hard light, linear really nice results with them! Have fun and please leave me a comment if you DL, you know how much I love them! Have a great Friday!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Friday! Yep, it's here again, time flies! Especially now for me when my DD is out of school. We spend most of the time outdoors, there goes my scrapping, let alone the designing, lol! It's rare for me lately to make a non CT layout but I've done one the other day, killed two challenges at once. I love Christina Renee's stuff and although I don't get many chances to scrap with it I keep buying:-) Anyway, this LO is almost exclusively of Christina's goodies:

Credits here.

I've always loved this photo of my DD when she stood up for the first time. I've started a layout with it a long tome ago but then never finished because I couldn't find the right BG paper:-) So I've started from scratch this time!

And one that I finished today, tried something different again. I just love Gina Marie's new Super Stars! They are so versatile and fun to work with!

Credits here.

Okay! Since I posted a lot yesterday I'm gonna go straight to the point! (I bet you're happy you don't have to go through a never ending post and scroll down like crazy, lol!). So I've been thinking that I haven't made any papers for a long time and summer is here....and here's your preview:

It's a six pack of summery pastel colors (not quite my cup of tea, hehe), 4 worn and sanded solids and two patterned. So if you think you can use them here's the link.

Enjoy and if you remember to send me a link to your LO I'd be very happy. I love reading your comments and I'd love to comment on your work too!

Thanks and have a great Friday!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

School's over!

Yay! The term is over and my DD is hanging out with me again! Bad for you though, lol, because I have much less time to blog, haha. Not that I've been a good blogger, but...First of all I want to thank you all for your AWESOME comments, they really make my days, I read them and I just find myself smiling....! It's so great to see that I can make you peeps happy!!! THANK YOU!

So, what's new over here? I have another blinkie in the right column! I've been offered a CT spot by a talented new designer who happens to be my mate at the W&W team - Rachel Young! If you don't know her designs, you can check them here. She's currently selling from her blog but soon joining one of my favorite stores, yay! (not telling ya cause it's a BIG secret!:-)) You'll know soon:-)

And guess what? Have you seen that yet? I won the Hodge Podge challenge last week!!! Sooooo thrilled! And the same layout I won with made it to the LOTD at DigiScrapDivas that day. Shining twice, how great is that?!? Here it is:

Credits here.

And this week my son also turned 8 months and this is his monthly journal:

Credits here.

And last but not least (I've been a busy bee!) I've made a layout for Father's Day. This has been a tough one for me but I'm feeling really good to put all those emotions on the 'paper':

Credits and journaling here.

Back to reality....yesterday my daughter finished her first preschool year, YESSSS!! I'm SOOO proud of her! She's learned so much and I don't stop being amazed how fast she grows every day...she can write in capitals, count to 30 (both in Basque and Czech), she tells stories, doesn' stop singing new songs...and, man, she's learned so many swear words...!!! She's improved a lot physically know she's always been very careful playing and usually skipping the dangerous stuff. And now I find her climbing the most impossible angles, hanging head down...every time I see it my heart stops, I'm sure you know what I mean...but I know I HAVE to let her do's hard but it feels so freaking great to see her proud of herself when she succeeds!!! Oh, man, gotta tell you - I had to laugh so much yesterday - we went to pick her up at school, almost all parents were there and we stayed for a while to chat and let the children play. And Amaia was showing me what she had learned - she could shimmy!!! And all of a sudden I got so touched and told her how much I was proud of her...she looked at me with her innocent (innocent???) eyes and said: 'And what are you gonna buy me?' OMG, I just couldn't stop laughing...we had been telling her before that we were proud of her and that at the end of the term we're gonna go shopping and get her something wouldn't she remember it, right? Wanna know what she wanted? Rollerblades! So she got them, all right (plus all possible protection, lol!)

That's it from me today and I'll be back tomorrow for your freebie!

Have a great day and THANK YOU so much for your friendship!

Friday, June 15, 2007

FF and a bit of chatter

Happy Friday to yall! Hope you've had a great week! I've been catching up on work these past days because I was going to bed early, needed some sleep!

Oh, you know what happened to me the other day? I was RAK'd by Corina Nielsen! I went to DST (first thing in the morning, lol!) and saw a new private message and there it was, a wonderful gift. From my favorite designer! Man, she really really made my day with that! She's such a sweetheart, some time ago I left a comment on her blog and she responded to me by email. Now, how many people do that, huh? And also, I did some shopping over at FPD, they had this gorgeous collab kit free with purchase and screwed up at check out. And she was so nice to send me the links for the kit through email asap despite her family situation (she was attending a family funeral). How sweet is that!?

Talking of favorite designers - have you noticed that Christina Renee has a new store up? Her VERY OWN store? No? Then go HERE to check it out, it looks great! I wanted to have a peek in the gallery but it's not working yet:-( I'm such a sucker for her stuff....Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to use much yet because I'm busy with my two CT's but I keep buying...who knows...:-) (yes, I'd LOVE to be on her CT!!!)

I've got some new LO's, I'm in a row now, making one a day. You may laugh and say, yeah, I'm making at least one a day too, but for me it's quite an achievement because I'm a VERY slow scrapper. Sometimes I already have an idea what, how, where and then it goes faster but usually it takes me about 4+ hours to make a layout. And even if IDO have it organized in my head already, I usually get stuck on some detail. Like fonts. I have the LO done but I'm looking for the right font for 2 freaking hours, can you believe that?! Anyway, yesterday I broke my record and made TWO layouts! Actually, I broke two records because the second one took me about 2.5 hours which has been the shortest time so far. And that was under certain pressure because I remembered at 8 pm that it was my mother-in-law birthday today, lol! Well, she is very traditional and she likes plain photos but I though it'd be nice to make it anyway:

Credits here.

And this is the other one, I really like how it turned out:

Credits and journaling here.

The last thing, as always, is a freebie. I promised you something that is really IN now so here you are:

It's a bunch of splotches in different colors and shapes. There are 12 and each of them is in glitter and no-glitter version so 24 in total. You can download them here. SORRY, THE LINK IS EXPIRED. If you like them. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Friday!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do babies have sense of humor?

I don't know, I guess they do! I've just found some first signs of sense of humor in my almost 8 months old son today. At least I think so - I was feeding him lunch and he spattered a spoonful of lentils (he loves lentils!) looking at me like 'what are you going to do, mum, huh?' I put an 'angry' face - you know that one that you're just trying hard to protect yourself from bursting out laughing, right? So that one I put, trying hard to stay as serious as possible. You know what he did? He was examining my face and - God knows what's going on in that tiny brain - he put that half guilty face like that he should feel guilty but not quite there, and slowly the corners of his mouth started to raise...higher and higher...until he finally began to crack up! And me, of course, with him! Oh man, it was so hilarious, I couldn't stop. And he found it so funny that he repeated it with every single spoonful...same face, watching me and finally cracking up. We were both one big mess and the kitchen too...oh well, a bit of extra cleaning, lol, wouldn't change those moments for anything!

Talking of feeding, I've made a layout with that new gorgeous kit from Gina - Being Me. I had those hilarious photos of my DD at her 10 months falling asleep during dinner. The colors from the kit were just perfect for this occasion:

Credits here.

And this photo I've been wanting to scrap for a long time!

Credits here.

I mentioned in the previous post that I had this idea of scrapping the resemblance of my two kids. But I just couldn't find the right pictures! The thing is that there are moments when Eneko looks EXACTLY like his older sister but...I just can't seem to catch these moments:-( In the end I made it with these photos:

Credits and journaling here.

It's turned out quite ok despite the 'not perfect' photos:-)

Hey, thank you all for your lovely comments on the zodiac charms!!! I thought they might be useful for some layouts:-) Some of you revealed their sign too, I've counted a Scorpio, Gemini, Aquarius....and a Leo, my all time favorite!!! Yeah, you're getting it right, I'm a Leo myself, lol! My DH is a Sagittarius and although I don't quite believe in those things, it seems that stars work very well for us!!!

Off to finish some stuff now and bed time for me. Stay tuned for Friday's treat! This time it's gonna be something that is totally IN now:-) Take care and see you on Friday!

Friday, June 8, 2007

What do I have in my sleeve?

Happy Friday to you and welcome to my blog! Thank you for all your beautiful comments, I so appreciate them! How has your week been? Mine's been pretty much the usual - having fun scrapping, playing with kids, some shopping...I've done another challenge LO, actually made 2 in 1, how smart is that, huh?:-) It was for this week's Hodge Podge and a team challenge at WW:

Credits here.

My sweet DD at 10 months eating flowers....funny thing happened to me with this one - I sent it over to a friend of mine and she commented on it: 'Oh, he's such a cutie, he must smelled like flowers!' She thought it was my son on the pictures! LOL! The truth is that they DO look pretty much alike. Have to scrap it one day! Anyway, I love how it turned out and it even got picked as the LO of the day at Gotta Pixel!:-)

And I also tried my hand on something completely different. I had this beautiful paper from Patricia's kit Sunflower and I really wanted to show it off because it's gorgeous. Not an easy thing to I tried with altered art and I'm quite pleased with the result:

Credits here.

Oh, have you noticed? Gina has a new kit out and it has made it to the Digi Pick of the Day, no wonder, it's gorgeous! And guess what, this extremely talented young lady has done a coordinating freebie to go with the kit! Well, it's not completely for free, lol, you have to do something in return! Check the blog of W&W for details, it's definitely worth it!

That's about news from here. Oh, one more - what do I have in my sleeve? What, what did you say? can't hear you....! YES! Freebie! It's the day, isn't it? This time it's something I needed and couldn't find (again!). So I made it. And I made the whole set of....silver zoodiac charms!!!In case you're not familiar with the signs, don't worry - each png file is named according to it's meaning! I've also added 3 bows for tying them and since I think you'd probably mostly use them on baby or heritage pages, I made them pink, blue and light cream that can easily be recolored. Hope you like them! You can download them here. SORRY, THE LINK IS NO LONGER VALID.
Okay, now it's complete and I'm off to have dinner! Have a great afternoon/evening/morning...wherever you are!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Live and laugh

Hey people, how are you? Today I want you to laugh, just laugh! And how do we do it, you're asking? Well, just read on, I have two funny stories here for you that happened to me last week...well, you might not find it so funny but on both occasions I was just cracking so much that I started to cry! Adn that had not happened to me in a long time!

Okay, so first one: The other day I was uploading a layout to the galleries, the blue one with my grandparents (scroll down to see it) and I was doing it really quick, kind of automatically. I finished and then later that day I went to check on the comments (just love reading them...and leaving them too!) and suddenly in one of the galleries I saw that the title I entered for the LO was (instead of Family) - Fun In The Bath!!! Oh man, I couldn't believe it! That title with the heritage layout looked just hilarious and I couldn't help it but know how when you're entering the title and you type the first letter a list pops up with the previous titles? So I just clicked and there it was! I changed it immediately but I was laughing long after....

And then this big family lunch we had on Sunday after the first communion of my of the appetizers were shrimps. They brought them and the waitress came to the table to ask if we wanted anything else. I just cracked one shrimp open to peel it. Well, they were really you can already guess what happened. Yep, right, the juice splashed and right into her eye...she winked and didn't say a word!!! I apologized, of course, but after she left, man, we just couldn't stop laughing...for once in my life I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (that famous scene from the restaurant) lol! And imagine that the same waitress had the guts to come again and ask how the shrimps were, if they were good. And my brother-in-law replied that they were delicious, really juicy...oh my, everybody was cracking there...including that waitress! Okay, sooo, have you laughed? A little bit at least? If so, my today's goal has been achieved!!!

hey, any of you participated in that 'Sweet Kiss' challenge at Scrappicnic? The kit is gorgeous I can tell you! I 've already got it - finished my LO for them today:

Credits here.

That's it for today! Off to start preparing a freebie for Friday! Have a great day and - remember - SMILE!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

More layouts:-) and challenge at Scrappicnic

Hi there! How's your weekend? Busy shopping?:-) I now there were problems on Friday since the PayPal site was down but I hope you've all managed to get your grab bags! You might have noticed that I removed the preview of the free add on of the Tango kit from the store. Why? Well, there were a few people trying to download that one without actually buying the kit although it clearly says that it's only free with the purchase of the kit:-( So if you buy it, you still get it, don't worry, the download link is there together with the kit. But the preview you can only see here on my blog or in this gallery. Sorry for the inconvenience but I'm sure you understand!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the minikit! And since it's almost over I can tell you that the blue one was in my Grab Bag:-)

We've had a busy weekend over here, especially today because my oldest nephew had his first communion and here it's really big, it's almost like a wedding! He looked so stinkin' cute in his sailor's outfit! Got quite some photos to scrap:-) We had a huge family lunch after, a six-course that lasted until 6 p.m. and man, I've eaten! Can't move now!

Anyway, today I'm posting mainly because I wanted to show you two beautiful LO's made with my frame cluster. They're made by Dorreen: Oooops, okay, it seems that the Scrapbook Elements don't allow linking an you can find them here and here. I love the 'office' one!

And when I'm at it, I'll show you my latest one that I finished last night. It's my first LO for Pocket Pearls (where I'm a guest CT member in June) and at the same time I made it my entry for this week's DigiDare. We were to scrap some dorky photos of ourselves:

Credits here.

Oh, before I forget - my friends Pett and Annie over at Scrappicnic are running a challenge! Be sure to check it out because for all participants they have a gorgeous KIT for free!!!

I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea to have chellenge here too....hmmmm...have to think it over! IN the meantime have a great Sunday and I'll see you soon!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Grab Bag sale! (and freebie)

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you've had a wonderful week and are getting ready for the weekend! Lots of things today from me! You know me already....either I post nothing or a post that is equivalent to a novel, lol! Better go straight to the point(s)!

First of all thanks again for all your wonderful comments! And you know what, next time I'll also do some frames/cluster for tall picture because this one doesn't work well for them.

NOW - Divine Digital is having another Grab Bag sale this weekend! Actually, it has started already! And, off course my Grab Bag is there too!:-)

Additionally, the store is running a 20% off all weekend to celebrate Royanna and David's 10 years anniversary! So hurry up over there, can't get a better deal! And you'll also see that I finally have A NEW KIT up! Yeah, it's already in the store. It's called Tango and it's the first one of my new Let's Dance collection. Yep, that's right - a dancing collection! There's gonna be salsa too, don't worry:-) Oh, actually, yesterday I made it to the LOTD at Gotta Pixel with my layout Getting Ready for a Show (the red one in the previous post)! So thrilled!
Okay, back to the kit - the best thing is that I also made an add-on too and that one is for free for everybody who buys that kit. An extra bonus with the purchase! Here are the previews:

See, I've been a busy bee!:-) I've also made another LO, with Patricia's Morning Glory. I found those pictures when we were moving from Prague and I knew I had to scrap them (they are from 1976, it was my first birthday that day).

Credits here.
It's not so visible on these but I looked a lot like my grandpa! And when I look at my kids they are the same! Have to scrap that one day too! So, when I saw this kit of Patricia I thought those pictures would just go well with it. To be honest, those colors are not quite my cup of tea....but I'm pleased with the result.

Oh, and have you seen Patricia's new one? Its made it to the Digi Pick of The Day at Melissa's blog!

I love the colors and I love sunflowers! I'm really looking forward to working with this one.

Are you bored yet? Okay, I get it! Here it is, this time I've done a minikit:

I've also made a pink version which is going to be for free in the Divine Digital's newsletter. The newsletter will be sent to all who sign up and become members there. And I've made a blue one too. And that one is, guess where....? Download here if you like it and please leave some love for me!

That's it for today, I'll pop in again this weekend to show you some LO's using my freebies. No more pictures today!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great Friday!