Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hello....anybody still there....?:) I'm slowly getting back to normal life, step by step...have to explain you a lot of things though But I won't do it today...only in short - nothing deadly serious, no...I've just been in a very bad shape...mentally...the psychologist called it a 'deep depression':) That's it. Other than that we're all fine, the kids are growing (too fast, especially the little man - Brooke!:)) And, actually, they're gonna get a little brother soon:) I'm glad I finally got the courage to post here, really! That's a big step forward for me. So I'll tell you the details some other day, ok? And I'm really sorry that I've left you without a note of any kind, I completely closed myself out of the digiworld, have not even come to this blog for months...let alone my email....but I'm getting better, as you can see:) Hope you forgive you all!