Saturday, March 31, 2007

You know what Saturday means, right?

Hello and welcome to my blog this happy Saturday! Why happy? Well, because...the weather has finally picked up, I've gone horseback riding in the morning which is the best relax I can imagine, and I've also got a very good news this morning (which I can´t share yet, you know what happened last time, right?, LOL!). And I've been reading all your lovely comments on my last freebie. I think most people liked the 'stubborn' one the best which was actually the one I created originally only for my LO! That one applies to me too! LOL! So thank you bunches for your awesome comments, they always warm me up!

Today I also wanted to post a few more LO's done with my freebies, it's so nice to see what comes out of it, what people do with your stuff! This one is from DonnaG. using my frames cluster (yes it's the same DonnaG. who is a CT for the fabulous Doris Castle and who won a pick of the week with her LO 'A Mom's Fear' at Designer Digitals last week):

This one is from Hanka (isn´t it super cute?):

And this one is from Veverka, using one of my older freebies (Grunge Delight). It makes me feel like going on vacation:

All right, I know what y'all waiting for...freebie time's here! I've remembered the other day that I had not done anything for Easter for you so here it is (maybe too late!?). But I had so much fun creating it - I got a new tablet last week (one of those Wacom Intuos3, yummy stuff, I can tell you) and I just can´t get enough of playing around with it! Here's the preview:

The little set includes some chicks, eggs and an Easter Bunny, all hand painted (had a model picture though, lol!), some of them are stickers, some of them sparkly and as a bonus I've included a 'template' egg which you can color yourself to your liking! It also contains 2 word arts and the backgroung paper is included too. Hope you enjoy it, here is the download link. SORRY, THE LINK HAS BEEN DISABLED! Please leave a bit of love there if you DL! Thanks for popping in and have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Back again!

Hiya'll , I have moved and I'm back again! Have you missed me?:-) And guess what, I have a freebie for you! Yes, again! It's just a little thank you for all your lovely comments! I even got one 'thank you' in Basque! (Tape, your guess is correct, I do know some Basque - ez dago zergaitik:o)) I've noticed a lot of you left a comment at each part of the kit, that's the sweetest thing to do! I really really appreciate it but next time you can leave just one:o))) So thanks a lot, it´s great to know you like it and you have fun with it! A friend of mine sent me this link the day after I put out the memories kit (LO by Jenny79):

Another link I was sent by Fryske who used some elements (thank you and hello to The Netherlands, I love that country, lived there for some time a few years back):

Okay, first things first (God, today it's gonna be a long one!). Once more back to the freebie from last week which was the frame cluster. Thank you all for the feedback and since I've got votes both pro and con one layer, I've decided to make both alternatives next time. And I have a question for you - I've got an email that the file was actually a .psd. I was pretty sure that I saved it as a .png and I went to check the ZIP file and it also says .png. But the lady claims she has a .psd. Isn´t it the weirdest thing, I'm totally confused!? How about you guys, do you have a .psd or a .png???

Now, if you've made it to here, you DO deserve a freebie, LOL! It's a smallie, really, but it can add a nice touch to the LO. I've been working on one of mine and I couldn´t find the right stuff so I just made it! And when I was at it I decided to make a few more and wrap it up for you! So here is the preview:

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It´s separate .png and .abr files and you can grab it here. SORRY, THE LINK HAS BEEN DISABLED! I'm sure you'll find a use for it!
Please keep leaving all those fabulous comments!:o)

And this is the LO I used it for:

For credits go here.

Oh, one more thing - I've decided to leave the stuff on the old blog so if you want to snag the older freebies, pls go there!

Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bringing over stuff from my old blog

Hi and welcome to my new blog! I've decided to change because the name of the old blog (you know, the one that appears in the browser) was completely different and confusing. I chose it long time ago when I still didn´t know what I'd be using the blog for, LOL! I`ll try to bring stuff over from the old blog but I don´t know if it´s possible without loosing comments etc. Probably not and then I'll just post a link in the old blog which will direct you here. Please have a bit of patience with me!:-) Happy Tuesday!