Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Guess what? FREEBIE!!!

Yep, guys, I've got a freebie for you today! I know it's not Friday but you've been patient enough, lol! And I've managed to upload it from MY computer! How come? Well, my hubby came for the weekend and he brought his laptop. After spending the whole Saturday afternoon in 3 different internet cafes trying to upload and download at the speed of 5 KB/sec we came home totally exhausted and frustrated. He turned his laptop on and we found out that he had an excellent connection to our neighbor's wi-fi (only at the edge of our kitchen window though at around 60 KB/sec)! So we spent a wonderful romantic evening downloading new stuff from Weeds&Wildflowers. I decided to scrap it as a b-day card for Gina Marie and Heidi because it was their birthday yesterday:

Journaling and credits here.

Then we found out that it was his software that could find and keep a nice connection, much better than the standard Windows one I have. So we installed it in my laptop and here I am, up and running. Depending only on the times when my neighbor is connected, hehe.

And I actually managed to upload before that (but it took me half an hour...!). Going through the photos I have here in Prague from the pre-digital era I found this one and it reminded me the whole story:

Journaling and credits here.

So on to the freebie! I've been playing around with brushes and filters and I made these frames for you (I love making frames!):

You can download these babies here. They are .psd files with templates so it's really easy to use them. Hope you like them! I'm not telling you anymore to leave comments because I know you do and I just LOVE them! While I was at it I made a few more stacks and put them up to my store:

So if you like the freebie ones you can still grab more there!:-) And I've also added a few more products to the store. Haven't managed to reload the whole July Grab Bag yet but it's coming soon! One of the items was a 10 paper pack in pastel tones, a little grungy:

So, following the trends, I added these two packs, that are 12 PP each- Bolds:

And Brights:

I've also made a collection out of them so you can get all three packs at a bargain price, basically you get a pack for free, isn't that great? Have I said I'm on vacation???? No, really, I'm enjoying my vacation. Going for long walks and trips with the kids and SHOPPING:-)

There'll be no freebie this Friday though because I'm gonna have my eyes operated tomorrow (myopia, just wanna be able to wear my shades all year without the hassle of putting my contacts, lol!) and I'll be just RESTING with my feet up on Friday:-)

Thanks for your patience and supportive comments, love ya guys!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Checking in:-)

Hey guys, checking in quickly. Thank you you so much for your comments, I know I should enjoy vacation but I can't help it, I feel totally cut off, lol:-) I managed to fix the laptop connection, the problem was in the're gonna laugh at me...the MOST STUPID thing on earth. The guy who set up our home connection made the DNS fixed so it didn't allow to look for other servers. So I could connect to the wi-fi, no problem but couldn't get anywhere. I thought of it before but what puzzled me was that I could get to my gmail and post on the blog. Anyway, I thought I'd now be able to download some new fantastic W&W stuff to work with but I can't manage. It always gives me a corrupted file (that's if it tries to download at all. The connection really sucks here). Right now I'm in an internet cafe, I was gonna upload a freebie for you, even bought a pen drive to try through a public computer but don't get anywhere. It's so frustrating! The only bright thing these days is that my hubby came to Prague for the weekend because we just couldn't survive one more week separated, lol. So I guess I'll just save it to my brand new pen drive and he'll upload it for me to 4 shared when he comes back home. And I'll just post the link for you then, can't leave you without a freebie for next three weeks, can I:-)
So stay tuned for news! Thank you!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

So sorry:-(

Hey guys, I managed to get somebody's unsecured wireless connection here at home:-) It still doesn't let me go to any pages though. Don't know where the problem is. I can post but only if I go through Blogger's main dashboard and it doesn't let me go to the blog...I can log on to 4shared but it doesn't let me upload files. Going crazy here...if anybody can think of what might be the problem please advice but send it to my email, that is the only one I can get to. So sorry guys but unless a miracle happens, there will be no freebie tomorrow:-( I'll try next week, different places but can't promise anything...I hope you're having a good week. I'll try to keep you posted whenever I can!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hate this!

Again the same problem that I had the last time here. Can't connect anywhere. Right now it let me to the blogger so I posted but I can't view it! can't get anywhere but gmail...let's see if I can somehow manage to upload your freebie...cross your fingers! Love ya!

Survivor here!

Survived!:-) Oh boy, what an adventure I had! I ended up totally beaten up! I’m quite used to flying with one kid, we used to fly to Prague with Amaia every 4-6 weeks from wherever we were. She’s always been very good on planes, except for a nasty habit of being awake all the time and falling asleep while landing. I still remember how I put a lady sitting in front of us to sleep by my singing and Amaia was as fresh as a rose and then she fell asleep exactly at the moment we touched the ground. I carried her in my arms to the baggage claim and everybody was saying ‘oh, she’s so cute, look at her how she’s sleeping. But nobody offered help when I had to get the suitcase from the belt. I put her down on some benches there and then picked her up again. She was flat. I passed the passport control and the customs with her in one arm, leaning on my shoulder and suitcase in the other hand. Then my hubby took over and she woke up at the moment we put her in the car seat….Anyway, last year we took her to Mexico with us, it was a 10 hour flight (and before a 3,5 hour drive from Bilbao to Madrid and another 4 hours waiting at the airport) and she was just amazingly GOOD! She slept only 2 hours on the plane (it was a day flight) and the rest we were just painting, playing with toys etc. When we got there we still had to get on a bus and go from Cancun to our hotel close to Tulum. And she was still awake when we arrived!

Back to our last trip – again, thanks God she’s so good and used to flying because if not I would probably not be posting today, lol! There’re no direct flights from Bilbao to Prague (charters in summer but you can only stay 2 weeks max) so we always have to change planes. There’re several options. Frankfurt (that we usually do) but it’s massive and I didn’t feel like walking a marathon to change terminals:-) Paris (famous Charles de Gaulle) – I knew they wouldn’t give me the stroller, it had happened to me before (security reasons, ha!) Apart from that they happen to confuse the routes from time to time – the airport buses take you to a plane that goes completely somewhere else than your ticket says. Madrid – forget it if you want your luggage to arrive to the same airport as you do. So it was either Brussels or Munich. Munich had better connection time wise; although there were almost 5 hours waiting for the connection flight to Prague. I chose Munich.

So our odyssey started in Bilbao. We had to take a bus to get to the plane (that had never happened before!). The buses are quite old fashioned since they never use them so imagine getting a stroller to a double decker:-) Once happily boarded on the plane we had to wait for almost one hour for the crew to find two suitcases of some people who had checked them in but never showed up on the plane (security reasons again, what if there were ETA bombs!?! Luckily enough we had a priest sitting next to us, lol!) Then we finally took off. Both kids were just darlings! Well, with Amaia I kind of take it for granted, hehe. The shocking thing was that my dear little man did not cry a single time along the whole journey (I mean the whole day since 8 am when we started off until 6 pm when we arrived!!!) Can you imagine that? An 8 months old just either quiet or cracking up??? I wouldn’t…but I’ve just experienced it! SO LUCKY! Okay, back to our trip – so we arrived in Munich and I asked for the stroller. They wouldn’t give it to me! Damn the security reasons….So I had 4 hours (arrived with delay) to spend with a 9,5 kg baby in my arms and a huge backpack stuffed with laptop plus accessories and all the kids’ stuff…say another 9 kg. Baaaah! Additionally I found out that none of my phone cards was working for calls abroad (should have!) and I couldn’t call my DH…had to call from a phone booth in the end (after ??? years, lol!) Eneko quietly fell asleep in my arms after half an hour of walking around, finding a place to sit. And, eventually, eat. We found it and I put him down on a cushioned corner bench and me and Amaia had lunch in peace. She got French fries and ice cream after, yum! I’m usually quite strict with her diet (you know, don’t let her eat junk food, munchies etc.) but man, for how well she behaved I’d just let her eat French fries and ice cream for a month! We did some reward shopping after too:-) We made it to our second plane of the day (by bus:-)) and Amaia fell asleep before we got up. Sitting straight, with her head to the side, poor thingy. There was enough room so I moved across the isle with Eneko and made a comfy bed for her from two seats. The crew was nice enough to let her laying down (with the seatbelt fastened) even for the landing (usually they bug you to put the kids seated). We made it fine to the terminal (by bus, off course….) And the suitcases were out quick too. We had to wait quite some time after for the stroller and car seat though. Like if it didn’t arrive on the same plane…My mom and her hubby were waiting outside and took us home (a few wrong turns but that was ok:-)) The last bit was get the suitcases to our 4th floor (no elevator, sorry…) Our apartment is in one of those beautiful old buildings in the center, with high ceilings….that means…103 stairs up. My mom’s hubby has just passed very nasty herpes and can’t hold a cup of coffee so it was me who had to bring the luggage up. Nice work out, that I can tell you! But now we are HOME…safely, happily, home sweet home! Oh, did I tell you about the hole our neighbor did in our living room while fixing his water pipes…..?......

Monday, July 2, 2007

Travel Fever:-)

Happy Monday to you, how are you? I'm just checking in quickly before I leave. I've got my suitcases packed and everything else ready to go to...Prague! Except for me. I'm depressed and don't feel like going anywhere...why? Well, the reason is my hubby. We're addicted to each other, lol! Since we are together we've never been apart more than one week and that was once. Other times it's never been more than 3 days! Call us weird, we just hate the time we have to spend apart! The only reason why I'm going there for so long is Amaia who's loosing the language a bit and I'd love her to spend some time with my mom too. She sees her so little! Adn then we also have a wedding there, my cousin (well, second cousin) who lives in Boston is getting married and her family hasn't managed to get the U.S. visa so she's getting married in the Czech Republic. They're going to have a romantic wedding in a castle...wooohooo! I'll take pictures, don't worry:-) Her hubby-to-be is half Argentinian, speaks fluent Spanish and I'm doubting now if to take Amaia to the wedding since she's learned to say 'americano tonto' (= stupid american) at school and she just can't stop repeating it....I guess it wouldn't be the best entree for the! Well, she's also learned a bunch of other nasty things, lots of swear words that just drive me nuts. She has no clue what they mean, just likes how they sound! Hey, you experienced moms, how do you deal with it? Tell them that it's bad once and then ignore? Any advice welcome...:-)

Anyway, I have the freebie almost ready for you for Friday, let's see if the high-tech is friendly to me this time! Hope I'll be able to upload it and post. If not, please be patient:-)

Have a great week and see you on Friday (hopefully)!