Friday, November 7, 2008


Woooohooooo, I've finally MADE IT!!!! I've finally received my FTP access so I'm up for this weekend's GRAB BAG SALE at Divine Digital!!! Yay!!! The sale starts today at 12.01 PM and ends on Sunday 23.59 PM EST. Come over to MY STORE and snatch this baggy full of yumminessssss for $2 only!!!

Sorry for such a brief post but don't have time for more ATM!:) Gonna copy&paste my email to friends for you...just so you know how we're doing now:
wanna know our ordinary day? 8.00 get up&ready for school (=breakfast, washing, dressing, brushing hair - reserve half an hour just for that in Amaia's case), feed the little one in the meantime, 9.00 drop Amaia off at the school bus, back home, finally have coffee, get laundry from the washer to the dryer and load the washer, DON'T forget to actually press the buttons!!!! survive Eneko's tantrum, feed Julen...10.00 drop Eneko off at the nursery, go for a walk (= grocery shopping) with Julen, 11.00 get home. Feed the baby. Start cooking lunch. 12.00-12.30 free time (hahaha), 12.45 pick Eneko from school, 13.15 lunch, 13.45 put him down for a nap (takes about 15 minutes). Feed the baby, put the dishwasher (PRESS THE F.....G BUTTON!!!), prepare dinner (if it requires proper cooking not just frying). free time until Eneko wakes up (around 15.00) - that's what, about 20 minutes? haha...Eneko wakes up - snack time, feed the baby. 16.00 pick up Amaia from the bus stop, give her snack. If she has a music class (twice a week) we go straight there, it starts at 16.45. Usually stay around as it only takes 35 min. If she doesn't we either stay outside (if it doesn' rain, which is about once a week)....and if it does (most of the days) we either a) go home (my wish!) or b) go to my SIL's house so they play with the cousins (the kids win), c) go to my MIL's house so they can bug the grandparents (about the same chance as 'b'). Feed the baby. Get home around 19.00...bath, have dinner, get ready for bed. Oh and FEED the baby! 20.00 story time (usually too tired for reading so it's up to the DVD:-)) Baby falls asleep somewhere in the meantime (thank you, angel!)...20.30 Eneko goes to bed. Some protesting and sobbing. 21.00 Amaia goes to bed. Baby's been asleep for awhile now. Yay FREEEEE TIMEEEE!
22.00 WE go to bed:-)

And in case you want to see some photos, here is SEPTEMBER and here OCTOBER.