Friday, October 26, 2007

Hi everybody, I'm here again! That means it's Friday, right?lol How are you doing and how has your week been? Mine has been LAZY! Yes, believe it or not, I've been very lazy...instead of scrapping or working I spent 2 evenings watching a movie this week! Haven't done it in ages!

Last weekend we had Eneko's first birthday party, it was fun, he didn't really care about the toys and cake but was very happy with all the kids there. I made a layout using a few photos:

Credits here.

And I've only done a couple more pages - one for our vacation album (after a while):

Credits here.

And Another one for DigiDare - the theme was to scrap a PHASE:

Credits here.

And I've just actually found out this afternoon that I WON the DigiDare with this one! Not the random winner but the PICK! WOW! I was so surprised! And HAPPPPYYYYY!!!! Totally made my day!

The kids have had a bit of a tough week. The weather is crazy and they're both with cold and caugh. Eneko has been practicing some walking (he's getting better!) and falling. On Wednesday he tripped close to a bench and he's got a nice bruise under his eye:((( There was a chunk of dry cement and I didn't see it. And I was right next to him....:( Oh well, he's still gonna fall so many times. Sometimes I think he could use a rugby helmet:)

Hey, freebie, right? I have been playing around a lot with a new glitter style. It has a lot of possibilities and it looks great on paper (but not on the flowers I made last week, for instance). For now, I've made this alpha for you:

I couldn't decide on the color and then tried to do each letter different but it didn't look nice. So I made all the same. I realized that I haven't really made any 'fall' stuff. So this is it:) It's kind of golden and it looks great on the rich fall colors. I'm gonna make more colors though because it's not easy to recolor. Some could be for spring, summer,! How about adding some wor dart, what do you think? I've done some frames too and they look fab, I'm just working on a layout that I needed it for (can't show you yet, it's not finished:))) I've never been to much into glitter but I find that it can really add some pop to your page. I'm also trying some overlays, you know that kind of subtle glitter that just lightens the LO a bit. Would you like that? Anyway, I always forget to tell you - if you have any ideas, suggestion what you'd like me to make - let me know!!! You know I read your comments:)))

Oh my, almost forgot the DL link, lol!!! HERE you can download the alpha plus bonus paper.

And that's it for today!!! Have a great weekend and see you next week! Oh, no, not next week - we're going to Prague next week so there will be no freebie!!! Do you hate me? lol I'm SOOOO much looking forward to Prague and spending a week with my hubby!!! We're gonna go for walks, eat outside, go salsa dancing...I'm taking the laptop with me but you know how it was with the connection last see you in two weeks! Hugs to you all!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Good morning, afternoon, evening...or just happy Friday to you!!! First of all I wanted to thank you for your comments, I haven't expected any, lol!! You are SO sweet, guys!!! Patty Anne - yours just made me cry, would you believe that? (no, I'm not pregnant, lol!) THANK YOU ALL!!!

All righty, ready for a long week's resume? lol Or you can skip, there is a freebie at the end:)))
A lot of news this week - the most important one is that my Mr. Man (LOVE that nick, Brooke!:)) who is turning 1 YEAR tomorrow (where the hell the time goes!?!) made his FIRST SOLO STEPS 3 days ago! It was hilarious, we were in the playground and he was holding on a rope and wanted to come to me. So he made 3 steps and then fell on his face before I managed to catch him. He didn't hurt himself because the floor was soft but half of his face was black from the mud. Wish I had a picture. The combination of a surprise and mud on his cheeks was irresistible!!! Tomorrow we'll have a party for him (well, more for all the kids in the family). More pictures to scrap!

Another news is that the page - the ministry of health - I had been doing the banners for has finally gone live. In case you want to check, it's here. All the pictures except for the header and the bottom right (with the heads) are mine. Nothing fancy, I know, I was quite restricted in terms of colors and also the actual banners are much wider than the pictures so I had to kind of 'blend it' to the background. The blinkie pictures were also defined, except for the one with flower. I personally like most the bottom left one with books. Anyway, the owe me, lol! It wouldn't be bad to get a job like that.

Earlier this week I read a series of really nasty articles in Czech tabloids. I normally don't read tabloids at all but my mom sent them to me because one of my best friends is involved. Quite a sad story about three women, three children and one man. It wouldn't be anything too unusual if one of our best Czech sportsmen wasn't involved too. The tabloid stories just made me so sick that I had to get it out and I made a layout, for my friend, to support her. I feel so bad being 1200 miles away from her...thanks God for Skype though:) So I made this layout - it's a two-pager (my first one!) because there was so much journaling that I couldn't possibly fit it on one page!:)

If you care to read the story, it's here: part 1 and part 2. I just wish I was there:(

Onto brighter things now:) I've also made these two layouts that I had sitting in my computer for a while :

Credits here.

Credits here.

Have you had enough yet? No? I'll add one more, lol. I finished it this morning for the new CRD challenge that is up today. You can check this thread for details:) It's been SOOOO much fun!!!

Credits here.

Okay, okay, enough!:) Freebie time!!! Yes, I got it done! Well, at least a part of it:) I'm working on more styles but so far I've done these:

Man, that freaking rhinestone was driving me nuts, couldn't get it the way I wanted. Spent like 2 freaking days on it, lol! Download here if you like them:) Eh, just noticed that the preview kind of sucks, you can't really see it. Should have included a detail. Oh well, you're not buying it so if you don't like them after unzipping, just delete them:)

One more thing - you may have realized that Divine Digital is changing servers and there's been some problems. I haven't managed to upload some products yet:( Just in case you'd be wondering where they are....and last thing - I've been reported some 'lost' emails, not replying to people etc. - some emails just end up in my spam and therefore I don't reply:( Unfortunately I don't have time to check spam so if you email me and I don't get back to you within 3 days, please leave a message here on the blog or PM me at DST!

Okay, off to have dinner, I'm exhausted now!LOL

Thank you and have an awesome evening and weekend!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Friday to all of you!!! Well, hope you ARE having a happy Friday because today I'm NOT gonna make you happier....I have NO FREEBIE for you! Can you believe it??? I'm so sorry guys but I just HAVEN'T HAD TIME! I've been working on it -last weekend I was up until 5 a.m. both Friday and Saturday (darling hubby got up with the kids in the morning so I could sleep until 10 am...did I say how much I love him???) but then things got crazy and I haven't had time to finish:( I tried last night but it wouldn't come the way I wanted. I got so stressed about it last night and this morning that my hubby thought I had gone nuts, lol. I just hate to disappoint you, guys! But I'd also hate giving out something that is not worth it...freaking perfectionist, lol. I'll have more time to play around next week so I hope I'll get it done. I have a couple of things in works so at least one of them!

***WARNING*** If you have come just for a freebie you don't need to read further. This is not a test. There's REALLY NO FREEBIE at the end of the post!!! LOL

And what have I been doing that I haven't had time? I'll tell you - SCRAPPING my butt off! LOL It all started last weekend when my hubby came from work with yet more 'homeworks'. I spent 4 freaking hours on an animated GIF they wanted for the main page. I said I was not doing anything else for free anymore. It started as a favor and in the end I made almost the whole page! Anyway, they liked it so much that they didn't even want to change anything (pretty surprising for a government org they're always so picky,lol) and said they'd probably contract me for next year, heeehee...and then I've been getting all set up for my new dream gig at Christina's, getting to know each other and stuff. In the meantime I remembered I had promised Angie (Ikea Goddess) to make a layout for Monday's challenge at Weeds&Wildflowers blog hosted by her. It was fun and I finally got to scrap those photos - this was my entry for 'first' theme - first curls of my son:

Credits here.

In between we got an email from our W&W CT captain that Heidi Williams had a new product out - a collab with Saxon Holt (Sophia Sarducci) and that it'd be highly appreciated to have a layout posted by Monday on it's release. Huh....I don't know if I ever told you but I'm usually a very slow scrapper. I have basic ideas of a layout but then it takes me FOREVER to find the right stuff. Sometimes I get stuck for two hours on the right FONT!!! Well, I didn't have a problem with this one because I just used stuff from that collab. But it took me FOREVER to ensemble and layer ALL those leaves (all the different glitter and stitched outlines come in separate png files)!!!

Credits here.

The next day Christina announced a new product and you know how it goes, it's really nice to have the layouts done BEFORE the product goes to the store, lol. So I started to work on this one (that took me 2 days - had everything and got stuck with the placement of the title:))) Love the background - it's Christina's brand new yummy pack of Filthy Canvas:

Credits here.

And again, in the meantime (lol), I found there was supposed to be a blog challenge at CRD this Friday 'High School Love Song' and, of course, I wanted to participate. Mojo was not coming and all I could think of was Wind Of Change by The Scorpions because that WAS our high school antheme. Not a love song though. Anyway, too late and I came up with this (and it took me ONE hour!lol):

Credits here.

After that I went through my CD's, found a love song and scrapped another one that I finished last night - also Filthy Canvas and one of rare photos of my hubby (he usually makes silly faces:)) :

Credits here.

And this one that I finished today because I had to catch up with sweet Antonio's stuff - did I tell you that I'm on his team? I got and invitation shortly after Christina's. He's got fantastic frames (well, and the paper is mine, lol!) and he's fine with using just a few items on a layout:

Credits here.

All right, that's enough, no more LO's! As you can see, I've been seriously scrapping my butt off, lol! I have another two layouts that have to be done by Monday and then I can go designing again. I'm actually gonna have more time now (hopefully) because I decided to resign on Weeds and Wildflowers CT. Well, 'resign'...there have been some changes - each one of the ladies wants to have her own personal CT (which I think is a very good idea) so they were going to split us. In the end they decided to start from scratch and had a public CT call (that ends TONIGHT! - in case you're interested and haven't noticed) . I decided not to continue so I can have more time for designing. (not that Christina doesn't keep us busy, lol!)

And that's about it, guys. Sorry again to disappoint you today! It won't become a habit, I swear, lol! And thanks a lot for all your sweet comments you leave!!! I'm gonna try to leave some love for you too now! (Yeah, Brooke, I know, I've been 'going' to your blog since last weekend!!! going right there!)

Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Friday again, lol! I don't know how it comes that I never get to post during the week! I've been about to post since Monday and then I was trying to finish the Grab Bag for this weekend and do a layout with the new beautiful kit from Gina Marie Huff - Painting A Dream that is available at Funky Playground Designs for the month of October since she's guesting there.

Credits and journaling here.

It didn't turn out quite as I wanted to but I like it. Especially the ribbon. I had to do quite some work on the photo though because it was my hubby who was shooting and he focused on the cake, lol! Anyway, I loved the photo so the work was worth it.

Okay, the layout I have finished...What I HAVEN'T finished is the Grab Bag. I had two things ready and didn't manage to finish the third one. Plus the freebie for today was not complete either. So instead of stressing myself (I've been quite lazy this week, I admit. Well, not lazy but kind of without drive and home-Praguesick) I was just like 'oh screw the grab bag, I'll put it as a freebie':) But then it was way too big (again, hehe) so here's what I decided to do (to save something for the store this time, lol!) - a sampler from the two things I had prepared for the GB. It was a paper pack called Simply Fall and a set of three satin wrappers. This is the preview of the pack:

I really like how it turned out. I don't have the preview of the ribbons yet but they're those you'll get today - I put one from each set for you. In the pack there're 20 different colors of each type. I'll work on the preview tonight and upload it in the store as well.

I've also put up another pack this week - Worn Out Polkas (one of them you can fully see on this LO - see, I'm finally CTing for myself to, anybody wants to join?lol). This one has turned out beautifully too! I feel I'm getting better!:) No, really, what do you think guys?

Enough 'business talk' and let's show you the freebie:

It contains two papers from the Simply Fall pack, three wrappers (with drop shadows included in a separate .png file) and since I love making frames I also added two vintage paper frames as a bonus:) And HERE is the link. Hope you like it, enjoy!

Thank you all for your awesome comments on the wooden blocks, I'm SOOOOO happy you liked them!!! It was way worth the effort! BTW, the blisters are gone:) And remember today is the last day you can get them, I'll be removing the link tomorrow morning!

Oh, and I actually have a news for you. Guess who I'll be CTing for??? Hint? Ok - C....R....D!!! Yes, Christina Renee!!! I got a PM from her on Monday that she'd love to have me on her team. Well, I'm kinda busy but...who could tell NO to this awesome lady, lol! I own most of the stuff in her store anyway, lol.

Other than that nothing new. Oh, my little man gave me a surprise today. He was sleeping in the stroller in his room. We came from outside and he was sleeping, so I put him there and had a chance to work a bit. So he's sleeping, right. When he wakes up he usually talks to his teddy for a bit and then when he gets bored he starts to scream 'mama', 'mama'! Then it's time for me to go. Today I heard him wake up and then all of a sudden he started to cry. So I ran there and he was HANGING HEAD DOWN from the side of the buggy! I mean he was TIED! And somehow he managed to get out and crawl over the side and fall. He didn't hit himself because his head was way above the floor but one of his feet got stuck in the straps....uffff, what a shock. I remember Amaia ended up hanging once too. She hated to be strapped in the pushchair so I bought walking reins for her. You know, those you put on the kid and you have a 'leash' on the other side. I used to strap her in that one in the pushchair so she wouldn't fall (coz she loved to go standing up!) and once she lost balance and fell over the side but the reins saved her from hitting the floor, of course. She used to be such a pain sometimes because she just couldn't sit still for a second. Well, she still can't! She has to be moving all the time, little thingy.

Okay, guys, better get started with preparing dinner now. Have an awesome week (I'm not expecting to see you before next Friday, hehe) and please leave me some love if you download:) Luv ya!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Good Friday to everyone! Here I am again and today with a treat. Ehhhmmm, I think I've overdone it a bit this time, guys. lol I was so excited about it that I realized the size of it when I wanted to zip's yummy and different, see if you like it:

I was inspired by my daughter's wooden blocks and I thought it would be fun and unique. I love the result, it looks so cool with the peeled paint and bumpy edges! There's a whole lot of love in it, each letter took me about 20 minutes to extract so count how many hours I've been blisters on my butt, lol! That's why it wasn't finished last week... The set contains upper and lower case and numbers - those have different texture. And I also added that cute trolley for you and a paper made of those blocks. I have to warn you though - this alpha, unlike my other stuff - is not versatile at all! It comes in red, green, blue and yellow and since it's texture is so unique (see the details) it's impossible to recolor. But I'm sure it'd be great on kids layouts. I've actually used the alpha for my new header (you can find full credits for the header in the bottom of the left column). Now, since each letter is about 4 MB, the whole thing came out HUGE!!! I had to split it in SEVEN parts! So if you dare and have the patience (LOL) here are the links (the 'extras' contain the trolley and paper). SORRY, THE LINKS HAVE BEEN REMOVED! ON TO THE STORE THEY GO NOW:)

Woohooo! Okay, I promise I won't do it again! lol

Have a great weekend and please leave me some love if you DL, need to recharge (once per seven downloads is enough:))

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hey there! Wow, two in a row today:) I was gonna post today anyway (no kidding!) but after Brooke's comment I realized you might feel lost here, hehe. Well, I've been wanting to redesign this since the beginning, that's almost a year (changed blogs) but have been putting it off. The previous I did in a rush...anyway, time for change. It looks more cheerful here, don't you think? I'm still gonna play a bit with the colors and stuff but that's not going to be today. Have to finish the freebie for you for tomorrow!:) Well, I only have the preview left but I've just spent 2 hours making a bonus paper because it was just not coming the way I wanted...And what else have I been up to? Not much, really. I have about hour or hour and a half during the day when No.2 (my DS) sleeps and the rest has to be done at night. Still not in shape though and my DH is sick now too, ufff! Oh and I finished two layouts - one is Eneko's monthly journal - not too happy with it but the mojo was just not coming, lol:

Credits and journaling here.

And this one I finished last night for this week's Digi Dare. And that one I really like:

Credits and journaling here.

Apart from that I've been saving my hubby's butt, hehe, not only his but his colleagues too!:) He works on a project for a government organization, they are rebuilding their internet portal. And on Friday he came with a question if I could take a look at the logo they gave him for one of the pages. The problem was they got a JPEG file from the government dept. how it should look like and it was tall and they needed landscape. No rush, hubby said but I was like ok, no problem, extracted what was needed and made a brand new banner over the weekend. And you know what? They loved it! lol They published it straight away because the government called on Monday morning to go live immediately. If I didn't do it they wouldn't have had anything - the company that is responsible for creating the banner didn't do ANYTHING! I was asked to do another one in different color. And the same day IƱaki came home with a question if I could make another banner for another page because the current one sucked...I did it the same evening and again it was approved and will be published next week! And today I got 4 more 'homeworks'. One of them is to design the header banner for their main page! lol. Getting quite popular over there, see if they start to pay me, hehe...

Okay, bed time for me already, I'll see you tomorrow and I'll have your weekly treat for you!

Have a great rest of the day/night!

PS Again - thank you SO much for your comments. It's one of the things I love about designing - your appreciation!

Don't freak out:)

Please don't freak out, I'm just redesigning the blog:))) This is not the final version so if you see things appearing and disappearing, don't worry, lol! More tonight!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sorry and fix!!!

Hey guys, sweet Pamela just found out there's no bonus lace in the zip file....ggggaaaaahhh, my brain is just completely sucked out from breastfeeding, lol! Sorry guys!!! First time it happens (but surely not the last one:)) Instead of re-zipping and reloading the whole file I've just zipped the lace separately and the link is here. Thanks so much, Pamela and sorry again! Better go to bed, lol.

Hey guys, how are you doing? Hope everything is fine with you! I really wanted to post during the week but haven't I was not feeling all that well, some kind of flu and have been very lazy the first part of the week. The little ones have also been with cold but getting better now. And then yesterday I didn't touch the computer until late at night because my DD had a birthday party and I was running up and down all day. Can't believe she's 4!!! She was so excited and the first thing she said when she woke up yesterday morning was: I'm four!!! hen she went to school and had a bit of a party there and when she came home she fell asleep on the couch while I was preparing stuff for her home celebration, lol! She didn't wake up until the first kids came! She got a bunch of presents, of course:) and what she enjoyed the most was a new bike and earrings. And then a chocolate cake, that was by far the best part, lol. I've taken a whole lot of pictures. Now I only have to scrap them. Ufff, my mojo hasn't returned from vacation yet. I haven't even finished my son's monthly journal yet - I wanted to have it done by yesterday....yes, my kids are both on the 20th and exactly 3 years and 1 month apart. So in a month we're gonna have the FIRST b-day party for him! More photos, hehe. I've taken a lot this morning too when we were walking in the park. The weather was beautiful and he was happily crawling in the grass.

Oh, I know what you wanted to ask, hehe - yes, I HAVE managed to prepare a freebie for you! Originally I was gonna have something else ready (really yummy!) but it'll have to wait until next Friday because although I've been working on it for over a week, I haven't finished yet. So today you're getting some frames (8 in total) and since I kind of like the idea of bonuses you'll also get this COOOOL wrapper made of a shoe lace (from my Sketchers, lol!) The frames are grungy so the shoe lace will go very well with them. See if you like it! Here's the preview:

I doesn't look bad, does it? So if you like it, you know what to do:) Here is the link. SORRY, THE LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED. And, as usual, I'm removing the link for the star overlays. Off to the store they go! I'm so happy that you liked them and thank you so much for your comments. They really warm up my heart!

Thank you again and have a great weekend!

PS I'm not saying again that I'm gonna try to post before next Friday! lol (but I WILL try:))

Friday, September 14, 2007

Is it really Friday again???

Can't believe it's Friday again! Don't laugh, you know what I'm talking about. Life with kids flies... and you wish it'd slow down to be able to cherish every moment...How has your week been? Mine's been busy. Amaia started her preschool on Monday. She couldn't wait. She woke up early and she was so happy to hear that it is THE DAY (wasn't she happy at home, lol?!) Throughout September they only have classes in the mornings but still, she comes so tired that yesterday we even took her pulse to check if her heart was fine. She passed out before 7.30 pm and didn't wake up until 8 am! Wish I could sleep like that now! lol And then she's also started music classes twice a week, not playing an instrument but just getting to know music. I thought she'd like it because she's always liked me singing to her and playing guitar. She learns quick and know a LOT of songs by heart by now. She's only had two classes but wants to go again!

And my younger one is trying to stand up without holding, a whole lot of fun:) he's grown another 2 teeth the past week so now he's with 7. And he's behaving, trying not to bite me coz I told him I'd cut him off the breast if he does, lol. We had his monthly check on Wednesday and he's doing just great, 10 kg and 76 cm (22 lb and 2.5 ft). He's pointing at everything with his index finger and 'talking' a lot. Isn't it funny, when they start talking and say the first words we're all excited and happy and when they're older we're happy when they're quiet for a moment:)

I've finished 2 full LO this week (pretty good considering my mojo is on vacation, lol). This one for our vacation album:

Credits and journaling here.

And this one for the Digi Dare:

Credits and journaling here.

Alright, enough chit chat and straight to action:) I noticed that you liked the star overlay last time (see, I DO read your comments:)) so I've made a few more for you! I've been playing a lot with styles and stuff so they come much better this time!:) Hope you like them too! Here's the preview:

There're 10 overlays in total, not all are shown in the preview. And the preview looked kind of sad so I added 2 papers for you too. If you like it you can download it here. SORRY, THE LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED!

I also wanted to thank you for your comments on the last freebie (now you know I read them, right?lol) They mean a lot to me and I appreciate them so much. I reply or leave comments to some of you but it's impossible to reply to all, no mater how I'd love to:(

I wish you a great weekend and hope to post sooner than next Friday;) Love to you all!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Wohoo, freebie time!

Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm gonna keep it REALLY short:) It's beautiful outside and I posted a long one yesterday, lol! So today freebie is a sampler of my new paper pack. Well, 3 paper packs, actually:) It's called Painted Cardboard. Yeah, I just had a piece of cardboard and was playing with my daughter's finger paints:) And I was extremely pleased with the result! Each pack contains 1 beautiful and unique texture in 10 different colors so in total it's 30 papers. For your freebie I included a sampler of each of the textures and as a bonus I added a star overlay. Here's the preview:

And the download link is here. Enjoy! And if you'd like to purchase any of the pack or the whole set (which will be for a discounted price, of course:)) then write down that the creamy yellow paper is from Vol. 1, the orange one from Vol. 2 and the chocolate one from Vol. 3. That's just in case you like any of them. The texture is not all that visible on the previews:( So just make sure it's the right pack. I'm already uploading them in the store as I type:-) Ok, finito for today!

Again I'd like to thank you for your comments and love you leave here, at 4shared and in the forums! Thanks for popping in today and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

HOLY COW!!!..., no, really, that's exactly what I thought when I saw your response to the ribbon wrap from last week!!! No way I was expecting it..was just playing with a ribbon, lol! I'm so happy that you liked them and thank you SO MUCH for all your comments! Believe it or not, I've read them all!:) No matter how bad my day has been, your *love* always warms my heart! THANK YOU AGAIN! Sending *LOVE* to you all!!!

P.S. Remember tomorrow is the last day you can grab them! After that they'll go to my store @ DD and you'll have to pay for them, lol. But guessing from the amount of downloads I believe most of you are set, aren't you?! lol

Some of you reacted to my 'complaint' about young babies going to daycare. Huh, I know it's quite complicated. Sometimes you just have to even if you don't want to...Brooke, I can't even imagine your situation and how sad you must have been!!! I was crying even when I was putting Amaia to preschool at three years...I didn't have much of a choice either at that time. She has always been a little advanced mentally and at 3 years (even earlier) I could tell she NEEDED to be with other kids. And the sad thing is that there are NO other kids her age (or a little younger) on the street!!! I don't have a clue what I'm going to do with Eneko in a year or so when he'll be more interested in being with other children....sometimes I just feel like going back to Prague or to Edinburgh where you can go to 'playgroups'. I've been even thinking of setting up something like that here but then I realized that it was not such a great idea since almost all kids are at daycares...:( We'll see...maybe we won't be here then! Ok, back to the topic - I know that some women just don't feel that staying at home with their children fulfills their needs and ambitions. That's ok too, I mean, I think that for the child is better to have a happy mom/dad for a few hours a day than a full day of an unhappy parent. The reason for my 'sigh' was coming from the local situation. Here, I hear all the time: 'Oh, you're SO lucky that you can stay at home with your children for so long.' And then either: 1) 'I wish we also had such a long maternity leave!' or 2) 'We can't afford it. We both have to work to pay the mortgage. Housing is so expensive here!' My point is - Ad 1) The ML in Spain is 16 weeks right now, and 28 in the Czech Republic (quite a difference...) BUT in both countries you can enjoy a 'leave of absence' up to 3 years of age of the child with almost the same conditions (keeping the job and monthly contribution from the state/social security). Ad 2) Housing is VERY expensive here, that's true BUT it's not only that, it's the lifestyle people have here. People have a house (or two), two cars, the newest electronic gadgets (not everybody, I know!!!:))...Plus Bilbao is famous for how well people are dressed here. So add designers' paying for the daycare and often somebody to drop off/pick up the kids and do some house cleaning....That's all fine with me, I'm not envious or anything, we live quite well...what upsets me is that these people DO complain that they can't afford enjoying their kids for the first few years! WHY??? Ahhhh, sorry for the's just one of the things that makes me 'boiling' every time I hear that...ok, on to less deep things:)

You might have noticed that I added a subscription button in the left column so if you don't want to miss a freebie, it's a good idea that you put your email addy there...You know I'm not posting THAT often so don't worry about getting tons of alerts, lol!

And other than that there's not much new over here. My ribs are almost fully recovered (after 6 weeks!) and I'm already thinking when to go horseback riding again:) My two little angels are keeping me quite busy so I haven't managed to prepare stuff for this weekend's GRAB BAG sale @ DD...:( Oh well, next month for sure! Be sure to check it out though!
I've only done two new LO's this week (and you can tell I'm in minimalist mood:)) I've done this one with the fantastic new collab between Gina Marie Huff and Gina Miller - Shabby Fall Garden:

Credits and journaling here.

And this one for the last week's Hodge Podge - scrapping somebody new (=not our children):

Credits here.

I have another two in works but my mojo seems to be on vacation lately, hehe...Haven't even touched the new gorgeous stuff from Heidi - Seeing Stars! Shame on me...Would you believe that until tonight I haven't even had an idea for a freebie for you...?lol But now it's uploaded and waiting until tomorrow:) Have been playing ribbon but it turned out excellent! Be sure to stay tuned!

Ufff, it's been a long one again:) And it's way too late here (or too early, it depends:)) and I better go to bed. Have a great evening and see you tomorrow! *LOVE*

Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Friday!

Good morning and happy Friday everyone! Today I'm posting early and it's gonna be rather short for change:) Amaia's still vacationing but she only has one week left, they start on the 10th of September. Well, and all of September she only has school in the mornings and she comes home at 1 pm. On one hand I'm glad the school is starting since she'll be with her friends again and more entertained than at home. And I'll have a little more time to scrap:) On the other hand it's been great to have her home all day although I haven't had much time for anything else...My little man stays home until next year at least, wouldn't put him in a nursery for a world now. A lot of people here do it though. At around 9 months, more often than not earlier, most of the babies go to day care. I think it's quite sad...

I've also scrapped some more photos from our vacation. Apart from the LO Slide that I mentioned in my previous post (and now I have time to post it here:)) I've done another very simple one with our friend Humberto and his daughter Ines. I adore that photo!

Credits and journaling here.

Credits here.

Have I said it was going to be short?lol Ok, on to today's point. This time the freebie's story was the other way round. I didn't need anything for a layout as usual. I was working on the freebie and then I though it'd be nice to add a frame to show you how it looks like and then also a picture. And then I immediately thought of the perfect background for it. Added a few more things and I had a layout!

Credits here.

So, what's your guess? Right, today you're getting the ribbon wrap in 20 different colors and a frame (with DS) as a bonus! Here's the preview (not all colors shown):

I had to split it in two parts, since it was a bit more than 50 MB...If you like it, download it here:

part 1
part 2

I love reading your comments so please don't forget to leave one:)))

Thank you for stopping by and wish you a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So excited!!!

Hello there!!! So excited, I have to share! My LO Slide has been picked as layout of the week at Scrapbookgraphics!!! Yay! Find the LO here and my 'interview' here.

I also want to thank you for all your lovely comments here and on 4shared. I appreciate them very much:)))

Oh, and last but not least, I have a tip for you - if you plan to make calendars for next year, my friend Ramalka has great templates for you. She's made them in different languages, how thoughtful is that? Find them here (scroll down to July 7th post).

Have a great week and stay tuned for Friday's freebie!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Stopping by to leave you a treat:)

Hello peeps! How are you doing? Can't believe it's again been two weeks since I posted the last time! Time flies...We've spent a wonderful vacation in Normandy! The weather was crappy, most of the days rained but the place had a climatised pool and that was saving the days:) Even if it was raining the kids could play there. We only did one trip while there because Amaia was sick and tired of the car after the long drive that we didn't want to punish her with yet more hours in the car seat. So we only did a one hour drive trip to Utah Beach which is known from the WWII (the U.S. forces landed there as a part of Operation Overlord). The rest of the time we were just hanging around the house. Well, house...a castle! We had a big backyard for the kids to play (when it wasn't raining or wet:)) Anyway, they were quite entertained indoors as well. There were 6 kids in total. We were lucky with the ages - a boy not even one year older than Amaia and another girl just over a year younger than her. Then a boy of 14 months that was playing with our Eneko of 10 months. And the youngest one was just 11 weeks. The older kids we competing in taking care of her:) And surprisingly the older kids didn't have any problems in understanding each other. Two of them spoke Spanish and Amaia picked up very quick. And since she was most of the time with the older boy whose father is Argentinian she ended up with a very cute accent:))) I've got SO many beautiful photos that I decided to make a full album for us and our friends. I've already made a cover page that shows the house:

Credits here.

And first two pages (3rd one almost finished) - one of Ines and her dad in the pool (I just adore that picture of her, don't you?!) and one of me and Eneko on the Utah Beach:

Credits here.

Credits here.

And I've also made a monthly report of my little man this week. He's learned quite a lot and during ONE week he's grown THREE teeth!

Credits here.

Been busy this week:) Although I didn't quite feel like doing anything because it's been raining for 5 days in a row and I haven't managed to get the kids out of the house at all!!! This afternoon it's finally started to pick up!

On to today's freebie! I've seen a lot of bugs lately:)

The set contains 10 different bugs-stamps. Download here. SORRY, THE LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED! Enjoy and don't forget to leave some love!:) Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and see you soon and I promise I'll be a better blogger from now on (the vacation is over, lucky you, lol!)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm back!!! And I have a FREEBIE for you:-)

Hello my neglected bloggers:-) How are you doing? I'm sorry for not being in touch for so long. What happened? Well, following your advice I finally began enjoying my vacation, LOL! My hubby came over to Prague and we had a great time. Would you believe that I didn't touch my laptop for 4 days in a row??? I wouldn't but it happened!:-) And then if I opened it it was just to check my email and eventually upload a layout. Couldn't do much more due to the connection anyway. The neighbor used to be connected in very weird hours...What's new here. Hmmm, got a new camera, a Cannon S3IS and I'm VERY pleased with it. Our DD refreshed her Czech and enjoyed a lot of granny's attention so now she's a little demanding, lol. Our son started to crawl and stand up holding whatever he has the closest. And he's got first two teeth out (the second one actually came out today). I'm recovering from a bad fall off a horse (yes, again, lol! And - Brooke - I was thinking a lot of your son:-)). This time it was really bad, the helmet ended up totally broken (went head down and flipped due to the fact that the cute horse pulled the head all the way down and fired her hinders up) and my ribs almost followed. They are so so but the doc told me they can break any time, huh, so I should rest. (yeah, right, with 2 offsprings at My eye surgery went perfectly fine, the day after I was already driving! But it took a while to get used to it. The first few days I was still looking for my glasses in the mornings, lol. It doesn't stop amazing me though... Anyway, I guess that's it from here, no more news. We've been back for a week now but I've been mostly catching up on my CT duties, lol. And I spent two evenings recovering data from my HD...I've made a few new LO's, you can check them in my gallery. Haven't done any of Prague yet although I've taken a LOT of pictures...over a thousand!

And I have a freebie for you! I know that it's Thursday but we're going to spend another week of vacation in France with some friends and will be leaving tomorrow late afternoon. So I figured out I'm not going to have time to post:-) So here it is - it's a sampler of my new store release:

It contains key ring tags in 10 different colors plus 3 paper strips. The whole set that is for sale in the store contains 18 colors and 8 paper strips plus two extra .png files with tag and ring separated so you can customize it to your liking. If you think you can use them you can download them here. I made those yesterday because I needed them for this layout (the usual, lol!). It's looking pretty good, couldn't find them anywhere:

Credits and journaling here.

Oooh, and my DH has just showed me that I made it LOTD at Divine Digital with this LO I posted yesterday! I really like it too:-):

Credits here.

Okay and now I'm really going to bed! Have a 10 hour drive tomorrow night! I won't have internet connection there so there will be no freebie next Friday:-( I'll make it up to you, I promise! Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Guess what? FREEBIE!!!

Yep, guys, I've got a freebie for you today! I know it's not Friday but you've been patient enough, lol! And I've managed to upload it from MY computer! How come? Well, my hubby came for the weekend and he brought his laptop. After spending the whole Saturday afternoon in 3 different internet cafes trying to upload and download at the speed of 5 KB/sec we came home totally exhausted and frustrated. He turned his laptop on and we found out that he had an excellent connection to our neighbor's wi-fi (only at the edge of our kitchen window though at around 60 KB/sec)! So we spent a wonderful romantic evening downloading new stuff from Weeds&Wildflowers. I decided to scrap it as a b-day card for Gina Marie and Heidi because it was their birthday yesterday:

Journaling and credits here.

Then we found out that it was his software that could find and keep a nice connection, much better than the standard Windows one I have. So we installed it in my laptop and here I am, up and running. Depending only on the times when my neighbor is connected, hehe.

And I actually managed to upload before that (but it took me half an hour...!). Going through the photos I have here in Prague from the pre-digital era I found this one and it reminded me the whole story:

Journaling and credits here.

So on to the freebie! I've been playing around with brushes and filters and I made these frames for you (I love making frames!):

You can download these babies here. They are .psd files with templates so it's really easy to use them. Hope you like them! I'm not telling you anymore to leave comments because I know you do and I just LOVE them! While I was at it I made a few more stacks and put them up to my store:

So if you like the freebie ones you can still grab more there!:-) And I've also added a few more products to the store. Haven't managed to reload the whole July Grab Bag yet but it's coming soon! One of the items was a 10 paper pack in pastel tones, a little grungy:

So, following the trends, I added these two packs, that are 12 PP each- Bolds:

And Brights:

I've also made a collection out of them so you can get all three packs at a bargain price, basically you get a pack for free, isn't that great? Have I said I'm on vacation???? No, really, I'm enjoying my vacation. Going for long walks and trips with the kids and SHOPPING:-)

There'll be no freebie this Friday though because I'm gonna have my eyes operated tomorrow (myopia, just wanna be able to wear my shades all year without the hassle of putting my contacts, lol!) and I'll be just RESTING with my feet up on Friday:-)

Thanks for your patience and supportive comments, love ya guys!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Checking in:-)

Hey guys, checking in quickly. Thank you you so much for your comments, I know I should enjoy vacation but I can't help it, I feel totally cut off, lol:-) I managed to fix the laptop connection, the problem was in the're gonna laugh at me...the MOST STUPID thing on earth. The guy who set up our home connection made the DNS fixed so it didn't allow to look for other servers. So I could connect to the wi-fi, no problem but couldn't get anywhere. I thought of it before but what puzzled me was that I could get to my gmail and post on the blog. Anyway, I thought I'd now be able to download some new fantastic W&W stuff to work with but I can't manage. It always gives me a corrupted file (that's if it tries to download at all. The connection really sucks here). Right now I'm in an internet cafe, I was gonna upload a freebie for you, even bought a pen drive to try through a public computer but don't get anywhere. It's so frustrating! The only bright thing these days is that my hubby came to Prague for the weekend because we just couldn't survive one more week separated, lol. So I guess I'll just save it to my brand new pen drive and he'll upload it for me to 4 shared when he comes back home. And I'll just post the link for you then, can't leave you without a freebie for next three weeks, can I:-)
So stay tuned for news! Thank you!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

So sorry:-(

Hey guys, I managed to get somebody's unsecured wireless connection here at home:-) It still doesn't let me go to any pages though. Don't know where the problem is. I can post but only if I go through Blogger's main dashboard and it doesn't let me go to the blog...I can log on to 4shared but it doesn't let me upload files. Going crazy here...if anybody can think of what might be the problem please advice but send it to my email, that is the only one I can get to. So sorry guys but unless a miracle happens, there will be no freebie tomorrow:-( I'll try next week, different places but can't promise anything...I hope you're having a good week. I'll try to keep you posted whenever I can!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hate this!

Again the same problem that I had the last time here. Can't connect anywhere. Right now it let me to the blogger so I posted but I can't view it! can't get anywhere but gmail...let's see if I can somehow manage to upload your freebie...cross your fingers! Love ya!

Survivor here!

Survived!:-) Oh boy, what an adventure I had! I ended up totally beaten up! I’m quite used to flying with one kid, we used to fly to Prague with Amaia every 4-6 weeks from wherever we were. She’s always been very good on planes, except for a nasty habit of being awake all the time and falling asleep while landing. I still remember how I put a lady sitting in front of us to sleep by my singing and Amaia was as fresh as a rose and then she fell asleep exactly at the moment we touched the ground. I carried her in my arms to the baggage claim and everybody was saying ‘oh, she’s so cute, look at her how she’s sleeping. But nobody offered help when I had to get the suitcase from the belt. I put her down on some benches there and then picked her up again. She was flat. I passed the passport control and the customs with her in one arm, leaning on my shoulder and suitcase in the other hand. Then my hubby took over and she woke up at the moment we put her in the car seat….Anyway, last year we took her to Mexico with us, it was a 10 hour flight (and before a 3,5 hour drive from Bilbao to Madrid and another 4 hours waiting at the airport) and she was just amazingly GOOD! She slept only 2 hours on the plane (it was a day flight) and the rest we were just painting, playing with toys etc. When we got there we still had to get on a bus and go from Cancun to our hotel close to Tulum. And she was still awake when we arrived!

Back to our last trip – again, thanks God she’s so good and used to flying because if not I would probably not be posting today, lol! There’re no direct flights from Bilbao to Prague (charters in summer but you can only stay 2 weeks max) so we always have to change planes. There’re several options. Frankfurt (that we usually do) but it’s massive and I didn’t feel like walking a marathon to change terminals:-) Paris (famous Charles de Gaulle) – I knew they wouldn’t give me the stroller, it had happened to me before (security reasons, ha!) Apart from that they happen to confuse the routes from time to time – the airport buses take you to a plane that goes completely somewhere else than your ticket says. Madrid – forget it if you want your luggage to arrive to the same airport as you do. So it was either Brussels or Munich. Munich had better connection time wise; although there were almost 5 hours waiting for the connection flight to Prague. I chose Munich.

So our odyssey started in Bilbao. We had to take a bus to get to the plane (that had never happened before!). The buses are quite old fashioned since they never use them so imagine getting a stroller to a double decker:-) Once happily boarded on the plane we had to wait for almost one hour for the crew to find two suitcases of some people who had checked them in but never showed up on the plane (security reasons again, what if there were ETA bombs!?! Luckily enough we had a priest sitting next to us, lol!) Then we finally took off. Both kids were just darlings! Well, with Amaia I kind of take it for granted, hehe. The shocking thing was that my dear little man did not cry a single time along the whole journey (I mean the whole day since 8 am when we started off until 6 pm when we arrived!!!) Can you imagine that? An 8 months old just either quiet or cracking up??? I wouldn’t…but I’ve just experienced it! SO LUCKY! Okay, back to our trip – so we arrived in Munich and I asked for the stroller. They wouldn’t give it to me! Damn the security reasons….So I had 4 hours (arrived with delay) to spend with a 9,5 kg baby in my arms and a huge backpack stuffed with laptop plus accessories and all the kids’ stuff…say another 9 kg. Baaaah! Additionally I found out that none of my phone cards was working for calls abroad (should have!) and I couldn’t call my DH…had to call from a phone booth in the end (after ??? years, lol!) Eneko quietly fell asleep in my arms after half an hour of walking around, finding a place to sit. And, eventually, eat. We found it and I put him down on a cushioned corner bench and me and Amaia had lunch in peace. She got French fries and ice cream after, yum! I’m usually quite strict with her diet (you know, don’t let her eat junk food, munchies etc.) but man, for how well she behaved I’d just let her eat French fries and ice cream for a month! We did some reward shopping after too:-) We made it to our second plane of the day (by bus:-)) and Amaia fell asleep before we got up. Sitting straight, with her head to the side, poor thingy. There was enough room so I moved across the isle with Eneko and made a comfy bed for her from two seats. The crew was nice enough to let her laying down (with the seatbelt fastened) even for the landing (usually they bug you to put the kids seated). We made it fine to the terminal (by bus, off course….) And the suitcases were out quick too. We had to wait quite some time after for the stroller and car seat though. Like if it didn’t arrive on the same plane…My mom and her hubby were waiting outside and took us home (a few wrong turns but that was ok:-)) The last bit was get the suitcases to our 4th floor (no elevator, sorry…) Our apartment is in one of those beautiful old buildings in the center, with high ceilings….that means…103 stairs up. My mom’s hubby has just passed very nasty herpes and can’t hold a cup of coffee so it was me who had to bring the luggage up. Nice work out, that I can tell you! But now we are HOME…safely, happily, home sweet home! Oh, did I tell you about the hole our neighbor did in our living room while fixing his water pipes…..?......

Monday, July 2, 2007

Travel Fever:-)

Happy Monday to you, how are you? I'm just checking in quickly before I leave. I've got my suitcases packed and everything else ready to go to...Prague! Except for me. I'm depressed and don't feel like going anywhere...why? Well, the reason is my hubby. We're addicted to each other, lol! Since we are together we've never been apart more than one week and that was once. Other times it's never been more than 3 days! Call us weird, we just hate the time we have to spend apart! The only reason why I'm going there for so long is Amaia who's loosing the language a bit and I'd love her to spend some time with my mom too. She sees her so little! Adn then we also have a wedding there, my cousin (well, second cousin) who lives in Boston is getting married and her family hasn't managed to get the U.S. visa so she's getting married in the Czech Republic. They're going to have a romantic wedding in a castle...wooohooo! I'll take pictures, don't worry:-) Her hubby-to-be is half Argentinian, speaks fluent Spanish and I'm doubting now if to take Amaia to the wedding since she's learned to say 'americano tonto' (= stupid american) at school and she just can't stop repeating it....I guess it wouldn't be the best entree for the! Well, she's also learned a bunch of other nasty things, lots of swear words that just drive me nuts. She has no clue what they mean, just likes how they sound! Hey, you experienced moms, how do you deal with it? Tell them that it's bad once and then ignore? Any advice welcome...:-)

Anyway, I have the freebie almost ready for you for Friday, let's see if the high-tech is friendly to me this time! Hope I'll be able to upload it and post. If not, please be patient:-)

Have a great week and see you on Friday (hopefully)!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday again?

Hello my bloggers! Can't believe it's Friday again, his week has flown by! I was going to post on Wednesday but I completely collapsed. My poor body decided not to cooperate anymore. I've rested a couple of days and I'm better again. It had to come, last few months I've been sleeping maximum 4 hours a day...anyway, I'm much better now, slept most of the past two days! I wanted to share with you that my layout Star (scroll down) was chosen as a featured LO of the week at Scrapartist (last week). I've got a few new ones, one is my DD being potty trained, well, not really trained because she never went. She skipped potty completely and started going straight to the normal loo. I love this photo of her and the Shakespeare was just perfect for it:

Credits here.

And this is my first LO for Rachel Young with her Shine papers and ShangriLa elements:

Credits here.

And another one that I've done for our team challenge at Weeds&Wildflowers. It was about scrapping a page about our favorite place. Bet you love mine:-):

Credits here.

And in the meantime I managed to finish a new kit American Dreamer, especially for the celebration of 4th of July! I'm gonna be leaving to Prague on the 3rd and I won't have connection at home. Last time I tried quite a few internet cafes with wi-fi but it wasn't working properly, I couldn't connect to a lot of pages. Still don't know the reason why. So I just wanted to have everything ready before. I've already uploaded it in the store! Here's the preview:

Not all the elements are shown here. The detailed description of what you get is in the store:-) Next weekend there's going to be another GRAB BAG SALE at Divine Digitals and I'm gonna have mine ready for you for sure! I'll finish it before I leave so I don't get all stressed, lol! It'll be enough of stressing on the way to Prague because I'm flying alone with the two little ones and it's not a direct flight:-( At least we're going via Munich which is quite a small airport so there's no danger we'd have to run from terminal to terminal. And we'll have 3 hours waiting there, uffff. Think of me, hopefully I'll survive in a decent state of sanity!

On to your today's freebie, ready? GO! Here's the preview, have been stamping:-) I love Michelle Coleman's stamped alpha and I found myself using it again and again because it's so versatile. So just to have a little different alpha at least sometimes I've done this (not Michelle, I know, hers is just genius!)...

It contains capitals and a few symbols and you can grab it here. SORRY THE LINK HAS EXPIRED. Tips for recoloring: color overlay doesn't work all that nice on this one. Try different blend modes, i.e. hard light, linear really nice results with them! Have fun and please leave me a comment if you DL, you know how much I love them! Have a great Friday!