Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update and freebie

Hi there! I'll be brief today, for change. LOL #3 hasn't made it yet, today I'm 2 days overdue (well, postdate:-)), having a whole lot of BH but very little progress. I was checked on Monday and was 3 cm dilated. So we'll see:-) I'm trying to keep myself busy in the meantime and I finished the freebie I mentioned in my previous post:-)

But first I wanted to share a couple more LOs done with Summer Escapades. This one by Lenka (aka celenka) - images are clicable for credits and leaving some love:-)

And this one by ErikaT.:

Aren't they gorgeous?!? Okay and now the freebie (told you I was gonna be brief!). It's a set of vintage postcards. Perfect for layering or some of them just stand alone. I added a sand ovelay (see bottom of the preview) and one really YUMMY bonus that is a surprise:-)

If you like it, you can download it HERE. Enjoy!

Will keep you posted on the baby too, hugs!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Still pregnant:-)

Hello! Yes, I'm still in one piece:-) My due date is 5 days away now, nothing extraordinary happened. I've been experiencing a lot of false contractions, sometimes very regular 1-1,5 hrs every 8 minutes first and then every 6 minutes. Then they went away...well, I've been overdue with both my children (12 days with Amaia and 5 days with Eneko) so I guess I'm just too comfy and they don't want to get out!LOL To tell the truth, I've had a few bad days, feeling really low, thinking I'm gonna be pregnant forever...especially hearing news of babies being born 1-2 weeks before due'll come soon now!

I've been also busy with a new kit (which is not finished yet but will be soon, hopefully) and the 'one-kit CT call'. Belated thanks to all who applied, I got in touch with everybody before 8th which was a challenge because, to my surprise, I got quite a huge response to that call! I was sooooo happy!!! Most of the gals have already made their page and I just want to show off their great work - and I'm linking them so you can leave some love:-) Here's the first batch - pages of Amber, Britt, Andrea and Doti (all of them will be listed clockwise from top left):

Second batch from Jarka, Misa, Kjersti and Lilja :

And third one from Micha, Melissa, Lara and Joselle:

Ladies, thank you so much, you've done a great job!!! I'll post the rest once I put them together!:-)

I've also made a layout for my pregny album - the LAST one!!! (believe me, even if I'm overdue, I'm NOT making Week 41, LOL!):

Credits and journaling here.

I've also been working on a freebie for you, of course:-) But it's not finished yet,'ll be my priority now, want to have it done before I deliver! Actually, off to work on it now!

See you soon!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hi there! Sorry for getting back to you so late today but we've had a really busy day! Haven't stopped all day! Had a doctor check and CTG in the morning and then we went to get presents for the kiddos (the new baby will bring them for them:-)) and we went to choose and get a new coffee machine and also a chest of drawers/changing table. After arriving home I had another pleasant surprise with the arrival of the baby carrier I ordered last weekend. I've already tested it (with a baby-sized doll:-)) and I'm quite happy about it. I mean, nothing beats the sling but it needs some practice to wrap it for short carrying at home and also for my hubby it is quite easier to put on the carrier:-) It's one of those new generation ergonomic carriers (the baby's hip are in the position that is correct for her development) - a German product called Manduca. It looks like this:

I'm really looking forward to carrying the baby already, Eneko used to love it (until he discovered crawling and then walking:-)) Amaia was lazier and still liked to be carried it sometimes when she was already 2,5 years. The fantastic thing about it is that you have your baby close and your hands are free! And they always calm down and fall asleep there! This is a photo of Eneko when he was about 2 weeks old:

So all in all it has been a very successful day:-) And after posting this I'm heading for bed straight away!

Back to business then...WOW!!! So many great names you suggested!!! I must say it has been VERY hard to choose!!! There were 2 names in the 'final' and I just couldn't decide which one to choose! LOL So I asked DH to help but he liked both as the end I asked a few friends and the winner is ....SUMMER ESCAPADES!!! And the prize goes to Ken&Vicky in Japan! Congratulations, Ken&Vicky!!! One important thing - I'm missing your email address, tried to track you back to your blog but there's no addy either. So Ken&Vicky - please, when you read it, send me an email and I'll send you your prize immediately!!!

And all the rest - thank you SO much for helping me out! I have sent you the link to the flower pack already! Well, to most of you - have the same problem as above with a few other people - so - Jenny, Stacy , Wanda, Julie and one anonymous that suggested ' Seaside Elegance' - please let me know your email address ASAP!!! Thank you!

Now...since you've all been so fantastic, I'd like to offer you another chance to get this kit for free:-) .......You might have noticed that I do NOT have any CT yet. I've been postponing it because I didn't feel it'd work, that I'd find time to communicate properly with my team....And now, especially with the arrival of another baby I don't want to get into a lot of 'work' that I simply wouldn't manage. Wouldn't be too fair...So I thought of sort of a one-time thing, you know - like a CT for one kit! Just to help me to promote it a little. So...if you'd like to work with it please send me an email with a link to your gallery....what I want from you, in exchange for the free kit, is to create a page (yes, only 1 page!:-)) using this kit...well, let's say about 80% of the layout would be from this kit...and post it in 3 galleries. One of them would be DST, another one Scrapartist and third of your choice. Feel like it?:-) Then I'll be looking forward to your emails!:-) The deadline is July6th and I'll let you know by July 8th (I have another doctor check on the 7th:-))

Okay guys, I'm seriously dead today, it's almost 11 pm and I'm going to bed. Good night!