Sunday, October 5, 2008

No access yet...

...sorry guys, I haven't received my FTP access yet so I haven't been able to upload the kit yet...:-(((

Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally some new stuff!

Happy Friday, guys! Haven't been here for 2 months...uhhh...but I HAVE been working, LOL! During August we've been getting used to be five:-) and now kids are at school and we have a bit more free time. Eneko only goes 2 hours in the morning but it DOES help. No. 3 keeps being INCREDIBLY good, he hardly cries, sleeps very well and eats like maniac! He's just turned 2 monts and he's 60 cm long (almost 24") and a bit over 6 kg (13,2 lb)! He's so good that we dared going camping for a few days in the end of August. We went to southern France, only about a 3 hour drive. We had a blast! HERE are some photos if you feel like taking a look.
And HERE you can see family pics from this summer:-)

I've only done 2 layouts since Julen was born and I have hundreds of pictures...I'll catch up when I'm old, lol! Done these (click the images for credits):

Buuuuut....I have finished a new kit, yay!!! I had most of it ready before Julen was born but couldn't get myself to as soon as I get my new ftp access from the store, I'm uploading! And I decided to do an 'introduction' of this beauty so you can grab it for $2,90 only during this weekend!!! It's also a grab bag weekend over at Divine Digitals so you can get great stuff for as little as $2! I'm hoping to upload tonight (I'm GMT+1 so it's gonna be morning for most of you) so then you have until Sunday midnight (EST) to snag it:-) Here's the preview, tadaaaaa:

Yeah, I know, I suck at making previews (and I hate it!), any volunteers....?LOL But it's LOADED with some great and unique stuff, not everyting is shown! Let's go shopping!!!

Gotta run, the little one woke up and is hungry!:-) Have a great weekend!