Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh, those challenges, they keep me busy!

Hello hello! It's me here again! How're you doing? Thank you SO MUCH for all the fantastic comments and also for your concerns! I'm fine now, fully recovered and went riding last weekend. I took a different horse while mine is up for some tests. Let's see what comes out.

I'm glad you like the cluster and also the LO I made with it. You know, Prague is such a beautiful city and I have a lot of pictures of it but for some reason I haven't got to scrap those until now. Later it occurred to me that I could have put names on the photos...oh time! Ramalka - the photo you're asking about IS a human being, it's a beggar:-) There're quite a few in the
center. Some of them are real and for some it's just a profitable job (no kidding here!). Anyway, Prague is not just those gorgeous churches, there's a lot of truly beautiful buildings! If you ever want to visit feel free to email me for tips:-)

I've been all challenges this week, made one for our CT challenge at Weeds and Wildflowers:

Journaling and credits here.

Another one for Hodge Podge (deadline was Monday, there's a new one now):

Journaling and credits here.

And yet another one for this week's DigiDare (deadline is on Friday):

And this is my newest LO, a sort of a flashback to the past, lol! I really like
how it turned out:

Journaling and credits here.

Last but not least I wanted to show you today what my friend Katka (aka
Dypecek) made for Carla Gibson. I think it's just wonderful:

You can check it also her blog (she has some gorgeous freebies too - just scroll down a bit!).

Wish you all happy Wednesday and Thursday and I'll see you on post....guess whaaat?

Hugs to you all!

Friday, May 25, 2007

What do you think I have for you today?

Hey guys, how are you doing? Long time no post...bad, bad blogger:-) I haven't been in too much of a good shape this week, had a bad fall from a horse last Sunday...glad I had made an appointment with my physiotherapist before, like if I had expected it, lol! Well, I had, kind of...since my horse had been behaving really strange lately. He gets scared with anything and just freaks out, starts running like a maniac! Gotta have him checked. And in the meantime I'll ride another one. And I'm really looking forward to tomorrow because we'll have a group of children with the Down syndrome coming and it's always so great too see how they relate with animals!

And, wow, guess what, almost forgot to tell you - I've met another Czech mom here! Well, might not be a big thing if it wasn't such a small city here.... And chatting with her I found out that she's a cousin of a very good friend of mine from Prague! World is a small place...or as they say here: El mundo es un pañuelo:-)

I've made quite some new layouts this week, you can check them out here. I'm especially proud of the one with my daughter's art:-) It's been sitting in my virtual drawer for 2 months (!!!), I've redone it completely in the end! And that leads me to another news (if you cared to check the gallery you surely noticed:-)) - one of my LO's is going to be PUBLISHED, wooohooo! It's gonna be in the June issue of the Digital Artist Magazine, how about that?!? I' sooo honored!

As always, it takes me some time to get to Friday's posting point:-) which is...a freebie! I promised you a cluster the other day to compensate the one you had to delete. So here it is! Actually, I've made it quite similar to the first one...hope you won't be disappointed! (I've made the frames myself I swear!:-))

The ZIP file includes a single .png with the cluster as well as a .psd file with numbered templates and also a .psd file with layered frames AND numbered templates. Pick the one that suits you the best!:-) Anyway, the instructions are included in the TOU's. You can download it here. SORRY, THE LINK HAS BEEN DISABLED. Have fun with it and please leave some love if you DL. For inspiration - this is the LO I've made with it:

Credits here.

Have a great evening, take care and see you soon!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sale at Weeds&Wildflowers!

A little bird just told me that....there's a SALE today and tomorrow over at Weeds&Wildflowers!!! So if you like their designs, run over there, they're all 20% off!!! Happy shopping!:-)

And I wanted to show you two LO's I received today from Amanda (using my sloppy paint alpha):

What a fun layout, you can tell the little one really likes the bike, lol! But I TOTALLY love this one:

Look at all the different hats and how they represent Amanda's different roles! That is such a CLEVER idea! LOVE IT! Thank you, Amanda, I've already sent you a link to a goodie!:-)

Have a great afternoon/evening!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Frrrriday Frrrreeeebie! And a few LO's too:-)

Hi! Hope you've had a great week! I've been quite busy with LO's these days, this new collection from Gina Marie is so great and there are endless possibilities for mixing&matching!

Thank you so much for your comments on the overlays, I'm happy you liked them! Kim, I think that you must have had some problem with your browser because I could see all the images just fine! Is it all right now? Thanks for letting me know anyway!

Sooo, wanna show you a couple of LO's made with my stuff - first one is from Rebecca who used the sloppy paint alpha to make a page about her sloppy boys:

I love the series of photos and the bright colors! Great job, Rebecca!

Second one is from TNChick (using scalloped frames):

Soooo, sweet! I love the colors you used, it goes perfectly with the mood!

And when we are at it I'm adding one of mine that I finished last night, it was our W&W creative team challenge (I fell asleep 3 times while uploading it to the galleries at 2 a.m.:-)):

Credits and journaling here.

Okay, I know you're getting impatient:-) But you know me, right? Always waiting until the end, teasing you! I've made these beautiful sparkle borders for you, they scream: glitter, glitter, I'm here! LOL Actually making them was a coincidence because I was making an LO and I just needed a little subtle touch and I couldn't find anything so I made it (as always, lol!). And when I was at it, I just made a few more to share!

There are 18 borders made for 12x12 layouts (not all shown in the preview), some of them mono color some have glimpses of other color, one is metallic and one multicolor. You can download this beauty here (don't forget that the link is gonna be active for one week only!) SORRY, THE LINK HAS BEEN DISABLED. Hope you like them! I used one in this LO:

Credits and journaling here.

And that's it for today! Have a great Friday and please leave a bit of love if you download!


Monday, May 14, 2007


Hi! Another quickie today, it's 1.30 AM here and I'm off to bed! Just wanted to share my first LO I made for Weeds&Wildflowers! I finished it last night (uhhhm, well, better say early morning since it was almost 4 AM, lol!). I've been wanting to scrap those photos for a long time but I found it quite difficult...and I just couldn't find the right stuff. Now I got it, the new collection by Gina is gorgeous!

Full credits here.

Good day to you and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Have you heard the fabulous news??? Weeds&Wildflowers are at Scrapartist!!!

A very short post today but I had to pop in to say: Happy Mother's Day to you!!! I almost forgot because we celebrated here last Sunday:-)

Have you heard the GREAT news? Weeds&Wildflowers are debuting at Scrapartist!!! Those wonderfully talented ladies have made it this far in a record time! And they have a WHOLE NEW COLLECTION up! It's called Celebrating Color and it's FABULOUS! Go and check it out, they're running a sale! BIG congratulations, Gina, Heidi and Patricia, you rock!

Thanks for visiting and good day to you!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Something for Lynn and my beach experience

First of all, guys, I wanted to THANK YOU for all your words, your wonderful comments and for your understanding. I truly appreciate it!! (And also for the comments on the overlays, lol!). And you're right - I should have posted a picture so you know which one it is (well, there has only been one...). It was this one:
So, Nancy, don't worry, you don't need to delete anything!:-)

One last thing regarding the issue - there's one BIG person (among others, lol!) over at Divine Digital. Her name is Lynn Judge and she has been a great support to me these past hard days. Yesterday I got an email from her that contained a gem, a wisdom that I couldn't but agree with and it inspired me to SCRAP the whole thing, why not?!? I used her quote on that page (with her permission, of course, lol!) and I dedicated it to her.
For you, Lynn:

For full credits go here.

Quotation: To admit your mistake is the high road and you will feel much better
in the long run. You hold you head high, admit an honest mistake, beg forgiveness
and then move on. THAT is the high road and it takes a big person to follow that
road. (Lynn Judge)

Journaling: There are times in your life when you make mistakes and sometimes it
feels really difficult to admit them. But it's the right thing to do and it makes
you a better person. It feels easier if you make a mistake that doesn't hurt
anybody else than yourself. But that's very rare. Usually there are other people
involved and it gets much worse. I've just lived a situation like this and
decided to scrap it as a reminder; to me and to other people who care. Not only
I have hurt a person but I have also endangered the business of others. And
believe me, it is a HARD lesson to learn. But sometimes it’s good to learn
the hard way - you will never forget it! Everything has it's bright side and
this one too; I have found out that there ARE people out there who care! They
can't go with you all the way though. In the end it's up to you only how you
handle it. It's all about your attitude. I have admitted commiting a mistake.
I have apologized. and I’ve been forgiven. I have learned. It feels just right.
Time to move on.

And now it IS time to move on!:-)

How's your weekend? I've had no horseback riding classes today since there was a competition. We went to a nearby beach town instead and rented a horse for me and a pony for Amaia (my daughter) and went for a ride to a beach. I've always dreamt of riding a horse on a beach, you know, like in one of those movies...:-) Free as a bird, galloping, splashing water and stuff....So today it's been my first time doing that. Until now there was either no horse or no beach or either of them; or there was a horse and also a beach but it was forbidden to ride there:-) Okay, so I FINALLY made my dream come true this morning! The beach was full of crap, broken branches, empty plastic bottles and stuff so you had to be careful where to step; a lot of fishermen throwing in their fishing rods with baits, which was scarring the horse...the horse (BTW, her name was Lucy:-)) was one of those tourist horses that are used to follow the guide (there was no guide so she didn't want to go alone). It took quite some effort to make her WALK! Eventually I made her trot (my biggest achievement today, lol!) and then, when we arrived to the end of the beach, she decided it was time to go home (those horses know their routes well, don't they?) and there was no way I could turn her around! No matter how hard I was pulling the reigns or pressing her with my feet, she would still go straight, towards the stables! Oh well, home we went then, it was too hot anyway, lol!...So far my beach riding experience (dreams and movies are so much better, right?). But we've had a wonderful time!!!

Thanks for visiting and leaving some love! Hope you have a great Sunday and see you soon!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Dare you?

Hello everybody and happy Friday! More cheered today, huh, what a hit! Oh well, up to my feet I go again, a little wiser. Thank you for reading the previous post and your comments on that one. Somebody asked if I was able to track back the person who posted it – nope (and I don’t think I ever will…). I downloaded it in my early scrapbooking days which was a few months ago and if I tried to search for it yesterday, based on the file name it wasn’t there anymore. The problem is that there are obviously so many pirate files out there that it is impossible to trace them:-( Also, I wanted to assure you that this was the ONLY case when I used external source. Any other freebie you’ve downloaded is done exclusively with my stuff. Yes, Debra, the scalloped frames too, even the text showing through is handwritten by me:-)

Okay, on to more cheerful things, weekend ahead of us! And do you know what’s going on this weekend at Divine Digital? It’s a Digital Restoration weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day!!! There are challenges, crops, classes, prizes and also a new megakit with a lot of designers contributing will be released! Come and play with us, it’ll be fun!!!

Today I also wanted to share a layout made by Lisa (she used Memories kit):

Thank you Lisa, it's beautiful!!! I have a similar photo with my little one too:-)

BTW, people, I know that Lisa's just started designing too so be sure to check her blog for goodies!

These days I’ve been more scrapping than designing, shame on me, lol! I finished a tribute to my dear friend, a thing I wanted to do long time ago. He is like my second father:

Full credits here.

And I also found this fun challenge called Hodge Podge by Traci Murphy and Gina Miller here. So my next LO this week was for them:

Full credits here.

What a great challenge, I absolutely LOVE the LO by Traci!

And I'm working on another two! This time for my sweet ladies over at Weeds&Wildflowers!

Uhhhmmm, what else...? Oh yes, freebie! Almost forgot! (kidding!) This time I haven’t been too creative, lol! I have zipped up a few overlays for you. I save those when I make papers. When I like the result I just save them as .png’s so I can use them in the future. Here is the preview:

There are 6 overlays, therefore the download is split in two parts (all together it’s 66 MB). You can pick them up here (if you dare, lol!):

part 1


Sorry, the links have been disabled!

Have a great evening and looking forward to see you playing along at Divine Digital! (by clicking on this link you get directly to the event forum).

And thank you again!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hi people! Today I’m posting an announcement of TOP IMPORTANCE so please read it all!

Remember my first freebie, that frame cluster? To make this cluster I used a frame that I had downloaded from internet (the only time I’ve ever used an unknown external source). Now the WARNING for all of you – I’m sharing this experience with you so it doesn’t ever happen to you too! – It contained a bunch of other frames and embellies and there was no restriction on using them whatsoever, it just said ‘free use’ so I used it to create the cluster (well, first I created a layout and since I liked how it turned out I made the cluster out of it). Since I also have some files out there for free use, even without TOU’s it did not even cross my mind that I’d be doing something bad. Hmmm…wrong…I was! It must have been a pirate file because…yesterday I got an email from Katie Pertiet, the owner of DesignerDigitals that she thinks it was her vintage frame freebie in that cluster. The funny thing (well, the whole thing is not too funny but…) was that I had that freebie frame from her too! But since I acquired it much later and had it in different folders (have one for personal use only and another one for free use) I didn’t even notice that they were the same! So far for the background of this issue…SO:

I sincerely admit here that I’ve made a mistake using that ‘anonymous’ frame which happened to be the frame of Katie. I’ve learned and I appall to all of you do NOT do the same mistake, do NOT ever use anything that comes from an unknown source no matter how free it is!!!

(A note for you: whatever you grab from me that doesn´t have TOU’s feel free to use it, even commercially. I promise I won’t pursue you for that, lol!)

I also wanted to apologize here to Katie that I used her frame which she has copyright for. I’m truly sorry, Katie!!! And I must ask a BIG FAVOR from you to justify her rights – for those who have already used the cluster please go back and credit Katie properly. For those who have not used it yet please DON’T use it and DELETE it! I promise I’ll make it up for you and make another free cluster soon, this time with MY frames. Thank you so much for your help and understanding!

One more thing - if, by any chance, the person who shared the pirate file is reading this (how naïve of me, right?) – please join my apology to Katie and STOP the piracy!!!

That's all I wanted to say. O to brighter things tomorrow - don’t forget to check for a freebie! (I assure you it’s ‘clean’, lol! And all the rest too, don’t worry!)

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday or Wednesday?

Hi - and I don't know if to say 'happy Tuesday' or 'happy Wednesday':-) It's certainly Wednesday here, it's 2 a.m. but for most of you it's probably still Tuesday. Anyway - welcome!

Today it's gonna be a short one - I wanted to share a gorgeous layout made by Patty Anne who is one of the CT members at Divine Digital (using my scalloped frames freebie):

Doesn't it just make you feel like going there?!? It does make me for sure, lol! Never been to the west coast... but this girl rocks, she's got some amazing layouts, I'm telling you, she's a lot into traveling! This is another favorite of mine from her:

I love the lines crossing the photos making them stand out! And I could go on and on...hey, you know what? I got another invitation on Monday and it is to be a guest CT for Pocket Pearls in June!!! Woohooo, love Mel!:-) Yeah, it was a day full of good news...keep them coming:-)

Enough for today and I think I'm going to bed straight, it's been a loooong day! G'd night and see you!...and thanks for stopping by:-)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to everyone! Happy indeed 'cause I have a news for you - I've found out this morning and wanted to share my joy with you - I've been chosen to be on the CT for the incredibly talented Weeds&Wildflowers!!! Isn´t that just great?? WOW! I'm SOOO excited about it, I love their designs! And now I'm gonna get all their stuff for free, LOL!

Okay so busy shopping weekend is over and I just wanted to show you what was in my SPECIAL Grab Bag - a pack of beautiful papers:

A set of very versatile alpha:
And my very unique and special treat I've been talking so much about:

I love how it came out! So for those who have bought the grab bag - I hope you're happy with what you've found inside and for those who haven't - all 3 products are now available for sale in my store (separately).
I've also added a pack of templates:

And a set of highlighters to lift your journaling:
I've already used those in one of my layouts:

Full credits here.

And one final thing that I wanted to share was my entry for this week's DigiDare which was about weather. It's actually made of 3 photos using blending and gradient masking. I just love how it turned out, don´t you?

Find full credits here.

Thanks for popping in today and have a good day!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

One gorgeous LO made by a friend

Hello everybody! How's your weekend? Shopping at Divine Digital?:-) Kidding...thanks to all of you who have bought my special bag, I hope you like the content and especially the spicy special! And thank you for your lovely comments on the freebie!!! Hey and why don't YOU tell me what would you want next?

Thank you also for the replies on my grammar question. Although I think I haven't put it all that clear - I know the rules about vowels and consonants etc., the problem I had was if I use an abbreviation where the first letter is consonant (as in LO) BUT some read it 'el oh' in which case a vowel goes first and there should be 'an' in front and some read it 'layout' in which case should the article should be 'a' - only 'anonymous' actually understood what I meant - thank you, anonymous:-) And sorry for the misunderstanding....

Anyway, today I wanted to share a very special layout made by my friend Pett. She made it for us, for our little scrapping gang (although she didn´t include herself:-().

Isn´t it gorgeous??? I love everything about it The top picture is obviously me, LOL! Annie is a fellow designer, they have just put up a new blog together with Pett and they're offering fabulous freebies, check them out here! (the link is also in my left column The Blogs I Visit - Scrappicnic by Pett and Annie).
And the bottom picture is a very talented scrapper, she participates now in the huge Scrapping Queen contest over at Scrapbookgraphic. She's made this wonderful LO for the First Week of the contest:

You can check her gallery here.

Oh and I almost forgot - remember the LO I made with the belly shot? I found out only yesterday by accident that it was picked as a layout of the day over at DigiScrapDivas! That's my third one, wooohooo!

That's it for today, hope you have a wonderful weekend and see you soon!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Grammar Question, GRAB BAG Sale, Important Decision and a Freebie

Good day to all of you, it’s Friday! Today we have a busy day so I better get straight to the point (well, there’s a few points, actually, LOL!)

First of all I’d like to show you another LO from Brooke using my newspaper swirls:

Thank you so much Brooke, it’s lovely! What a wonderful keepsake! I'm gonna go through this phase with our little man very soon, LOL!

On to my grammar question - you know, I was wondering the other day if the post title was correct..? Since I used an abbreviation where you actually spell the first letter I wasn´t sure if to use ‘an LO day’ (as for an el o day) or ‘a LO day’ (as for a layout day)….I’m not a native speaker… anybody who can help me out with this one??? Thanks a lot in advance!

Next issue….wow, we’re rolling today!!! To celebrate the National Scrapbooking Day we’re having a GRAB BAG sale over at Divine Digital! It starts TODAY and runs through Sunday. Come and check it out! I’ve made my bag for you with lots of LOVE of course, and, well, I’m not supposed to reveal what’s inside but just a little hint, LOL!… the Grab Bag contains 3 new products which are all together for $2 this weekend. After that they’ll be separated and put for a normal sale. And as I mentioned before there’s a very special and unique set included:-), I had so much fun creating it!

You may have noticed that I’ve removed the link to my old blog. The reason is that after a couple of months I’ve removed the links for the last freebies that were there so it’s of no use anymore. Doing that I’ve actually made an important decision about the freebies. I’ve figured out that most of the downloads happen within one week from releasing the freebie so I’ve decided that as of today each of the freebies is going to be available for ONE WEEK and then I’ll move it on to the store. WHY, you’re asking? Well, first - it seems a little idle to me to have good stuff just lying around after I’ve disabled the links, don’t you agree? (of course not, LOL!) ; and second is – and that’s being absolutely honest with you – that I put more hours making the freebies for you than making the stuff for the store (no kidding here!!!). I love it but it's just if I put so much love and effort in it I don't like it laying around:-) Anyway, one week is a long time and I’m not worried about you not having the freebie downloaded before it’s removed, LOL! So, after I’ve disabled the link you can always find it in the store (link is in the right column). For now I'm going to add the Memories kit, it's uploading right now!

And for all who’s made it this far I have a prize….freebie! I just can’t stop playing around with painting so I’ve made these painted butterflies for you. I’ve added a bit of glitter which is always good:-)

Here is a detail:

The set contains 31 pre-made painted butterflies with two different glitter outlines PLUS, what is the best of all, 3 separate .png files – one with the painting and 2 with glitter - to make YOUR OWN customized butterfly to suit your LO’s! This time, the best method for colorizing it to suit your LO’s is via Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation (in PS CS2). Anyway, the instructions are included in the TOU so be sure to read it!:-) And you can snag it here. SORRY, THE LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED. YOU CAN NOW FIND IT IN MY STORE.

Whatever question or problem you may have please email me (addy is in the left column under My Profile). And, as always, I’d really appreciate to get some love from you if you download:-)

Thank you for visiting and come back soon! Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Today is a LO day:-)

Hi to all, how are you today? I've taken a break from blogging and have been finishing up stuff for my VERY special grab bag and also managed to make a layout for this week's DigiDare.

First things first - today I'm going to be shining more LO's here! I've got one from Bao using my scalloped frames:

Beautiful arrangement of photos, I like the empty space and what a cute little boy!

Another two are from Kate, using the newspaper swirls here:

She's made it for Outside-Of-The-Box challenge over at Divine Digital and all I can say is - WOW!!!! What a wonderful take on the challenge!!! This is absolutely GORGEOUS!
And second one from Kate using the scalloped frames:

I love the soft pretty colors in this LO, they go so well with the little girls' dresses! Great composition too!
Thank you so much, ladies and don´t forget to check your emails:-)

Oh well, and I've just been over at DigiDare to put the link for my entry and I've been checking on the other people's LO's. Coincidentally bumped into this fantastic one by Jennie75 (well, like she'd have any that wouldn´t be, LOL!) using my last freebie, the Sloppy Paint Alpha:

Way too cute!!!

Okay so here is my contribution for this week's DigiDare which was all about funky, bright colors etc. And as I mentioned the other day I had those photos of my two kiddos in the bathtub, together for the first time. So it was just perfect for this dare. As you can see, I used the curtain template (shaped the top part):

For full credits go here.

I must say I had so much fun with this LO, haven't used bright colors in ages!

So, that's it for today, stay tuned for the information about the Grab Bag sale!

Thanks for visiting and see you tomorrow!