Saturday, July 14, 2007

Checking in:-)

Hey guys, checking in quickly. Thank you you so much for your comments, I know I should enjoy vacation but I can't help it, I feel totally cut off, lol:-) I managed to fix the laptop connection, the problem was in the're gonna laugh at me...the MOST STUPID thing on earth. The guy who set up our home connection made the DNS fixed so it didn't allow to look for other servers. So I could connect to the wi-fi, no problem but couldn't get anywhere. I thought of it before but what puzzled me was that I could get to my gmail and post on the blog. Anyway, I thought I'd now be able to download some new fantastic W&W stuff to work with but I can't manage. It always gives me a corrupted file (that's if it tries to download at all. The connection really sucks here). Right now I'm in an internet cafe, I was gonna upload a freebie for you, even bought a pen drive to try through a public computer but don't get anywhere. It's so frustrating! The only bright thing these days is that my hubby came to Prague for the weekend because we just couldn't survive one more week separated, lol. So I guess I'll just save it to my brand new pen drive and he'll upload it for me to 4 shared when he comes back home. And I'll just post the link for you then, can't leave you without a freebie for next three weeks, can I:-)
So stay tuned for news! Thank you!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Yeah! you got to check in :)

How totally sweet that your hubby came to see you. I must have missed on your blog how long you said you were going to be gone because another 3 weeks is a long time! No wonder he needed to see your sweet face!

Thanks for stopping by to say hi, and how cool is it that you got a new camera!! WOO HOO! I will be waiting for some fantastic photos.

So what have you and the kiddos been up to? I hope you are enjoying your visit and hope you are having lots of good times.

My grandaughter will be turning 1 year old on the 29th of this month, I need to get busy and get her party invites made!! Chat at ya later :)

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Hi Lucy!!! Freebies is the last thing you should think of lol :) Enjoy time with your hubby :) And don't worry about us, we'll wait for you with patience :) how are your kids? And How's your family? They have to be charmed by your beautiful Amaia and her lil brother :) Enjoy your time with your family :) Hugs!!!!

Michelle Filo said...

LOL and you are still worried about the freebie??? you are such a sweetie! what a cutie your husband is, to come to spend time with you, gotta love that :) HAVE FUN!

~HJ said...

You are on vacation - we will be here when you get back then you will spoil the heck out of us!! Anyway, there's always burning to CD and mailing them to someone you can trust to upload them for you - expensive in a way, but it is an option. So don't worry about us, we will be here. Keep posting vacation stories and if you're able a photo here and there. ENJOY YOURSELF!!!