Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally some new stuff!

Happy Friday, guys! Haven't been here for 2 months...uhhh...but I HAVE been working, LOL! During August we've been getting used to be five:-) and now kids are at school and we have a bit more free time. Eneko only goes 2 hours in the morning but it DOES help. No. 3 keeps being INCREDIBLY good, he hardly cries, sleeps very well and eats like maniac! He's just turned 2 monts and he's 60 cm long (almost 24") and a bit over 6 kg (13,2 lb)! He's so good that we dared going camping for a few days in the end of August. We went to southern France, only about a 3 hour drive. We had a blast! HERE are some photos if you feel like taking a look.
And HERE you can see family pics from this summer:-)

I've only done 2 layouts since Julen was born and I have hundreds of pictures...I'll catch up when I'm old, lol! Done these (click the images for credits):

Buuuuut....I have finished a new kit, yay!!! I had most of it ready before Julen was born but couldn't get myself to as soon as I get my new ftp access from the store, I'm uploading! And I decided to do an 'introduction' of this beauty so you can grab it for $2,90 only during this weekend!!! It's also a grab bag weekend over at Divine Digitals so you can get great stuff for as little as $2! I'm hoping to upload tonight (I'm GMT+1 so it's gonna be morning for most of you) so then you have until Sunday midnight (EST) to snag it:-) Here's the preview, tadaaaaa:

Yeah, I know, I suck at making previews (and I hate it!), any volunteers....?LOL But it's LOADED with some great and unique stuff, not everyting is shown! Let's go shopping!!!

Gotta run, the little one woke up and is hungry!:-) Have a great weekend!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

hey there Girl, it is sooo good to see the pictures and see how fabulous you are doing :) WOW the kids are growing like crazy (of course) and it looks like you have settled into a family of 5 really well.

That is some snazzy tent, looks nice and cozy. :) Thanks for the link to all the fun photos, love seeing the fun places and things you are doing.

Sandra said...

Good to hear you're doing great!
Beautiful kit.

Catherine said...

Yeahh so you are designing again, it looks really good Lucie! Glad to read that you little one is so good,and your two LOs are really pretty!

I'll be back! Hugs