Friday, October 19, 2007

Good morning, afternoon, evening...or just happy Friday to you!!! First of all I wanted to thank you for your comments, I haven't expected any, lol!! You are SO sweet, guys!!! Patty Anne - yours just made me cry, would you believe that? (no, I'm not pregnant, lol!) THANK YOU ALL!!!

All righty, ready for a long week's resume? lol Or you can skip, there is a freebie at the end:)))
A lot of news this week - the most important one is that my Mr. Man (LOVE that nick, Brooke!:)) who is turning 1 YEAR tomorrow (where the hell the time goes!?!) made his FIRST SOLO STEPS 3 days ago! It was hilarious, we were in the playground and he was holding on a rope and wanted to come to me. So he made 3 steps and then fell on his face before I managed to catch him. He didn't hurt himself because the floor was soft but half of his face was black from the mud. Wish I had a picture. The combination of a surprise and mud on his cheeks was irresistible!!! Tomorrow we'll have a party for him (well, more for all the kids in the family). More pictures to scrap!

Another news is that the page - the ministry of health - I had been doing the banners for has finally gone live. In case you want to check, it's here. All the pictures except for the header and the bottom right (with the heads) are mine. Nothing fancy, I know, I was quite restricted in terms of colors and also the actual banners are much wider than the pictures so I had to kind of 'blend it' to the background. The blinkie pictures were also defined, except for the one with flower. I personally like most the bottom left one with books. Anyway, the owe me, lol! It wouldn't be bad to get a job like that.

Earlier this week I read a series of really nasty articles in Czech tabloids. I normally don't read tabloids at all but my mom sent them to me because one of my best friends is involved. Quite a sad story about three women, three children and one man. It wouldn't be anything too unusual if one of our best Czech sportsmen wasn't involved too. The tabloid stories just made me so sick that I had to get it out and I made a layout, for my friend, to support her. I feel so bad being 1200 miles away from her...thanks God for Skype though:) So I made this layout - it's a two-pager (my first one!) because there was so much journaling that I couldn't possibly fit it on one page!:)

If you care to read the story, it's here: part 1 and part 2. I just wish I was there:(

Onto brighter things now:) I've also made these two layouts that I had sitting in my computer for a while :

Credits here.

Credits here.

Have you had enough yet? No? I'll add one more, lol. I finished it this morning for the new CRD challenge that is up today. You can check this thread for details:) It's been SOOOO much fun!!!

Credits here.

Okay, okay, enough!:) Freebie time!!! Yes, I got it done! Well, at least a part of it:) I'm working on more styles but so far I've done these:

Man, that freaking rhinestone was driving me nuts, couldn't get it the way I wanted. Spent like 2 freaking days on it, lol! Download here if you like them:) Eh, just noticed that the preview kind of sucks, you can't really see it. Should have included a detail. Oh well, you're not buying it so if you don't like them after unzipping, just delete them:)

One more thing - you may have realized that Divine Digital is changing servers and there's been some problems. I haven't managed to upload some products yet:( Just in case you'd be wondering where they are....and last thing - I've been reported some 'lost' emails, not replying to people etc. - some emails just end up in my spam and therefore I don't reply:( Unfortunately I don't have time to check spam so if you email me and I don't get back to you within 3 days, please leave a message here on the blog or PM me at DST!

Okay, off to have dinner, I'm exhausted now!LOL

Thank you and have an awesome evening and weekend!


Magdalena (m2m) said...

Thank you Lucy for lovely frames. I'm a bad reader now.. My boy crawls everywhere and he doesn't to sit and read anything. But tomorrow is Sathurday, so mu Hubbie will take care of baby and I can read what you wrote.
Lovely LOs by the way :)

Greetings from PL!!!

meems said...

thanks for the flowers.
The Ministry of Health website looks very nice and professional.
Love your LOs :)

emilymomto3boys said...

Thank you for the flowers!!! a girl can never have enough, lol!

And happy birthday to your little man - enjoy his birthday!!

Amandac said...

Hi Lucie! Thanks so much for the lovely flowers :) Just wanted to say your LO's are fantastic! I love the detail that put on them, you are inspiring!

Rona said...

thanks for the flowers! you have GORGEOUS layouts, and you are an awesome friend to support your friend involved in all that chaos!

Happy birthday to your little guy!

Nancy P said...

Wonderful flowers - thank you for sharing them with me!

Meghan (FlirtatiousBrat) said...

TY for the flowers!!

Jenni said...

These flowers are gorgeous, thanks so much!!

nicky said...

oh thanks lucy for the beautiful flowers!!! love these!!!

hugs nicky

Maria said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pretty flowers. I also love your pages. Awesome job on them..


Pett said...

Takze milasek,
nejdriv podekovani za freebie ,pokusim se hned dnes pouzit:-)
je to suepr ty kyticky, jsi moooc sikovna:-)

poté musím vyjáfřit svůj obdiv nad novými LO, no prostě nádhera a absolutní bomba:-)Jak ty to děláš ?

Very good job :-)

olga9999 said...

The website looks nice, and congratulations on your boy first steps. :) I guess it's sad not to have a photo of that moment and also if it was that funny. :)

The layouts are wonderful and it's really nice that you have made one to support and encourage your friend in a moment like that. :)

Thanks so much for the flowers, they are really nice and best wishes. :O)

Anonymous said...

Great flowers...thanks!!!

twoboyz00 said...

Thank you so much for the awesome flowers!

Adriane said...

so beautiful! Thank you so much!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for these beautiful flowers!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanya/TiggerRD said...

The flowers are great - sorry to hear about your friend, but what a fantastic two pager you created for her

rae_j said...

Thanks for sharing the two-page layout. I bet your friend really appreciates your concern for her. And thanks for going to so much trouble to get rhinestones right on these flowers. It is a generous thing to do for people - most of whom are strangers.

verabear said...

hey that LO for your friend is awesome. I hope she finds courage from it too, and decide to finally stand up and fight, as you said.

thank you for the silk flowers! :)

Franziska said...

I just discovered them, Thanks for sharing those flowers a gorgeous, so kind of you to share with us.

Lilaclady said...

gorgeous flowers! thank you so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you, but the older you get the faster life seems to go!!! Such cute LO's!!! Thank you so much for the great silk flowers!!! I'm sure the rhinestones are gorgeous!!!! Also thank you for the update on Devine Digital. I was on vacation when you had your wooden blocks. They are so adorable that I have been watching the shop to buy them. I will just keep checking!!! BettyJoR

Maria said...

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