Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Friday to all of you!!! Well, hope you ARE having a happy Friday because today I'm NOT gonna make you happier....I have NO FREEBIE for you! Can you believe it??? I'm so sorry guys but I just HAVEN'T HAD TIME! I've been working on it -last weekend I was up until 5 a.m. both Friday and Saturday (darling hubby got up with the kids in the morning so I could sleep until 10 am...did I say how much I love him???) but then things got crazy and I haven't had time to finish:( I tried last night but it wouldn't come the way I wanted. I got so stressed about it last night and this morning that my hubby thought I had gone nuts, lol. I just hate to disappoint you, guys! But I'd also hate giving out something that is not worth it...freaking perfectionist, lol. I'll have more time to play around next week so I hope I'll get it done. I have a couple of things in works so at least one of them!

***WARNING*** If you have come just for a freebie you don't need to read further. This is not a test. There's REALLY NO FREEBIE at the end of the post!!! LOL

And what have I been doing that I haven't had time? I'll tell you - SCRAPPING my butt off! LOL It all started last weekend when my hubby came from work with yet more 'homeworks'. I spent 4 freaking hours on an animated GIF they wanted for the main page. I said I was not doing anything else for free anymore. It started as a favor and in the end I made almost the whole page! Anyway, they liked it so much that they didn't even want to change anything (pretty surprising for a government org they're always so picky,lol) and said they'd probably contract me for next year, heeehee...and then I've been getting all set up for my new dream gig at Christina's, getting to know each other and stuff. In the meantime I remembered I had promised Angie (Ikea Goddess) to make a layout for Monday's challenge at Weeds&Wildflowers blog hosted by her. It was fun and I finally got to scrap those photos - this was my entry for 'first' theme - first curls of my son:

Credits here.

In between we got an email from our W&W CT captain that Heidi Williams had a new product out - a collab with Saxon Holt (Sophia Sarducci) and that it'd be highly appreciated to have a layout posted by Monday on it's release. Huh....I don't know if I ever told you but I'm usually a very slow scrapper. I have basic ideas of a layout but then it takes me FOREVER to find the right stuff. Sometimes I get stuck for two hours on the right FONT!!! Well, I didn't have a problem with this one because I just used stuff from that collab. But it took me FOREVER to ensemble and layer ALL those leaves (all the different glitter and stitched outlines come in separate png files)!!!

Credits here.

The next day Christina announced a new product and you know how it goes, it's really nice to have the layouts done BEFORE the product goes to the store, lol. So I started to work on this one (that took me 2 days - had everything and got stuck with the placement of the title:))) Love the background - it's Christina's brand new yummy pack of Filthy Canvas:

Credits here.

And again, in the meantime (lol), I found there was supposed to be a blog challenge at CRD this Friday 'High School Love Song' and, of course, I wanted to participate. Mojo was not coming and all I could think of was Wind Of Change by The Scorpions because that WAS our high school antheme. Not a love song though. Anyway, too late and I came up with this (and it took me ONE hour!lol):

Credits here.

After that I went through my CD's, found a love song and scrapped another one that I finished last night - also Filthy Canvas and one of rare photos of my hubby (he usually makes silly faces:)) :

Credits here.

And this one that I finished today because I had to catch up with sweet Antonio's stuff - did I tell you that I'm on his team? I got and invitation shortly after Christina's. He's got fantastic frames (well, and the paper is mine, lol!) and he's fine with using just a few items on a layout:

Credits here.

All right, that's enough, no more LO's! As you can see, I've been seriously scrapping my butt off, lol! I have another two layouts that have to be done by Monday and then I can go designing again. I'm actually gonna have more time now (hopefully) because I decided to resign on Weeds and Wildflowers CT. Well, 'resign'...there have been some changes - each one of the ladies wants to have her own personal CT (which I think is a very good idea) so they were going to split us. In the end they decided to start from scratch and had a public CT call (that ends TONIGHT! - in case you're interested and haven't noticed) . I decided not to continue so I can have more time for designing. (not that Christina doesn't keep us busy, lol!)

And that's about it, guys. Sorry again to disappoint you today! It won't become a habit, I swear, lol! And thanks a lot for all your sweet comments you leave!!! I'm gonna try to leave some love for you too now! (Yeah, Brooke, I know, I've been 'going' to your blog since last weekend!!! going right there!)

Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

You are so cute! I loved the Warning you posted, just made me laugh!! Hey for me, I just like to see your layouts and see what 'mr man' (your little guy) and 'Cutie Pie' are up to! lol

WOW you have been really busy!! Things are starting to slow down a bit here, which is nice and I am ready to get some scrapping done. LOVE your layouts!

The FALL one with MR Man is fabulous, is he sticking his tongue out in the middle photo? Gosh you make cute kids! lol Tell me again how old he is cause he looks really close to Kaylie's age and she was born the end of July so she is almost 15 months.

Yes, I love the look of filthy canvas too!! oh my I am just going to go broke with all you guys coming up with cool new things!! :) Ya killin me here!!

Enjoy your weekend and tell Cutie pie and Mr Man hi from Auntie Brooke lol

Chris said...

I understand about the freebie, don't worry about it!
Your layouts are great by the way! I'm a slow scrapper, too. I think that's why I do so few pages - I know it's going to take me forever just to find the "perfect" elements, or the perfect font or alpha!

Have a great weekend :)

Stacey said...

Lucie girl - you have been rockin on those LOs! Awesome! Just love your little man pictures. I'm working on a challenge over the the lilypad - well see what happens. And Hey - don't say sorry about the freebies - they are gifts from your heart that sometimes have to take a number. LOL! We just love hanging with ya and hoping all those designing vibes will rub off on us! =) Enjoy your weekend!

Indy said...

Just looking at your layouts is enough for me, you are my FAVORITE and your LOs inspire me a lot!

Indy said...

Just looking at your layouts is enough for me, you are my FAVORITE and your LOs inspire me a lot!

Anonymous said...

ok I confess... I came for the freebie. I just love your work! I wasn't dissapointed. It was a real eye treat to see your layouts! Had a chuckle and got some great vibes. You are being possitive in your outlook and it is contagious. (I always need possitive vibes in my life.) Glad that you were able to sleep in. You deserve it! Thanks for sharing the eye candy and possitive vibes!

Ramalka said...

Ahoj Lucy,
hehe neprisla jsem pro freebie, ale mrknout se co je u vas noveho :-), a koukam jak jsi mela napilno cely tyden, pani, nechces hodit link na ty stranky co jsi delala pro manzela do prace?? Rada bych se koukla - hmm by meli manzovi za to dat alespon nejaky bonus, ne?? Jinak LOs jako vzdycky paradni, rada se chodim koukat, jen skoda, ze nahledy mas docela male a jak mi k PC sviti slunicko, moc to nevidim, budu muset mrknout do galerek - vecer az ten punta zapadne :-) Hezky si uzij vikend. Je neuveritelny jak ty deti rostou pa a mejte se krasne cela rodina Radka

kpollinger said...

Your layouts are gorgeous!

Tink said...

Love your layouts and reading your post was a joy. Thank you.

Rona said...

Stunning layouts, Lucie! WOW! And you have been busy to churn out all those wonderful pages!

You resigned from W&W???? What I would give for that gig, LOL!

Jennifer said...

You have been soo busy! Awesome layouts Lucie!!

WendyW said...

I love seeing your layouts, Lucie...and I enjoy reading your blog,too! It's not all about the freebies!

kalesmom4ever said...

You are so funny. I love your designs and you LO's are fab too. I tend to take to LITTLE time creating LO's and then have togo back and redo them. Better to take forever and like the result, huh. :) Thank you for all the wonderful gifts. I think we can live without for this one. :)

pattyanne said...

okay... time for me to be honest... Although I adore your freebies and would love to be creating with your stuff all the time... BUT I truly think you are the sweetest... and I love, love, love your layouts... and whenever I think of Prague - I think of YOU... you're simply adorable... thanks for sharing your layouts - they are truly gorgeous... the depth and layering are amazing... love you and I'm enjoying your blog...!

jazzmint said...

love all the LO.

Hummie said...

Sometimes you just have to do for you and it's okay. I have to remind myself of this a lot too.

Serena said...

The warning was cute and troubling. Please don't think that you "owe" us anything, I don't want your freebies becoming a 'job'. We appreciate them, they're not something you need to apologize for. Unless we pay 100 bucks and expect them on time for some random important reason, no one has any right to complain about your generosity schedule!!!

I personally came for the freebies, and stayed cause you're so stinkin' cute! The freebies are now a benefit.

That aside, I love the ma-ma layout, and the fall one has the cutest picture! Your layouts are great sweetie, love'm. Thanks for introducing me to the Antonio guy, I'm totally going to snag some of his torn and tattered frames when I get some extra cash, those type of frames are my weakness and ones I use constantly!

Anyway, you rock, don't forget that. Huge hugs!

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart!!!! If anyone is complaining about no freebie, they are not worth it!!!!! We treasure the gifts you give us but most certainly no one should expect it!!! All the LO's you did are just fabulous!!! I come to enjoy your wonderful work and get great inspirations!!!! Thank you so much for sharin that!!!! BettyJoR

Mary said...

Love all your pages they're always so inspiring and beautifully done.

eda said...