Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Friday to everyone! Guess what, I've been a busy bee these past weeks! Yep, scrapping addict is slowly coming back, hehehe....Thank you all for your great comments:-) I still have a couple of people left that I want to reply to (including you, Brooke, and Magdalena! - just want to write a proper email and not just a one-liner...:-) And yes, I do have the greatest hubby on Earth (of course, LOL!)

So what have I been up to, you may be asking? Well, I had this kit I had been working on a bit by bit, it was taking me for ever and now I really wanted to get done with it because who know if I'm gonna have the time AND energy after the little one is born...Apart from that I've managed to catch up on my pregny album, have done 2 pages (Week 34 and Week 36):

Credits here.

Credits here.

And I tried to prepare a layout in advance for Julen when he's born...using Eneko's newborn photo instead. In the end I really liked how it came out with his picture so I left it like that:

Credits here.

Now I'm gonna have to make another one for Julen!:-)

But enough bragging about my family...:-) Here's the deal - this is the preview of my newest kit:

There's something wrong, right? Of course, it's missing a name! And it's exactly what I need your help with. So let's have a little 'contest'!:-) You have until Monday, June 30th, 12:00 GMT to leave a comment here with a name for this kit. Then I'll choose the one I like the best and I'll announce the winner on Tuesday (the only excuse would be if I'm delivering, LOL). The prize for the winner will be nothing less than this kit:-) But none of the participants will come short - all who leave a comment suggesting a name will get this pack of beautiful flowers:

Just don't forget to leave your email so I can send you the link later. If, for some reason, you prefer not to leave your email address in the comment section, send it by email to So...what do you say? Will you help me?:-)

Looking forward to your entries! Have a great (and creative) weekend! Hugs!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Hi there GF, good to hear from you and how stinking cute you look all preggo! Wish I could reach thru the computer and just give you a hug :)

Love the blog header, wow look how big the kids are getting!! I have not updated my blog in about 2 months. The 'season' at work has been so crazy I just have not had the time or energy in the evenings to work on it. But I will soon :)

You know I am terrible at thinking up names for kits. I would probably have Kit 1 - Kit 2 and so on! lol How about Summer Breeze, best I can come up with :) I love the Acrylic alpha, nice twist with the outlines on it, totally cute!!

It is almost 6am so I gotta get ready for work, chat at ya later and give the kiddos a hug from their Oregon Auntie!

Lisa West said...

Very cute kit! And congrats on your upcoming baby! Let's see..names are not my strong suit...but how about Pier Shop Treasures? It reminds me of all the neat things you can pick up at those stores. :)

meganmecrazy said...

Love the LOs! I wish I looked that good while I was PG! LOL!

Love that new kit too! My name suggestion is Wind Whipsers.

Those flowers are beautiful too!

Thanks so much!!


Angel with a Vengeance said...

Hi Lucie,
your LO's are beautiful, especially the newborn one.
I thought of "Expectations" for the kit. It looks lovely.
Glad you are selling again.

Anonymous said...

I thought the kit had a topical feel with the shells and palm tree so the names I thought of was
tropical breeze
tropical Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Beach

thank for the chance to win you beautiful kit..

PS great LO and you look beautiful pregnant!


Rona said...

No WONDER you've been gone, lol! a very very belated congratulations going out to you!!!

You've been busy, I see :) Hmmmm....some kit names that I can think of:

Julen's Paradise
Seashells by the Seashore
Tropical Beauty
Island Princess

thanks for the try!


stacy said...

Congrats on your upcoming blessing!
After reading through your post, and then checking out the preview, the song "Natural Woman" popped into my head, so that's my suggestion.

jenny said...

Big congratulation to your news!
I love your new kit because of the great gentle colors.
So my suggestion is:
Gentle blessing
Thanks for the chance to win.

Wanda said...

This pretty kit is pearlescent to me.

Pearls by the Sea
Pearly Seaside Scraps
Ocean's Pearls
Peaceful Pearls
Denim and Pearls

by God's design said...

Beautiful kit - I suggest "Island Dreams."


Michaele said...

I love this, its so soft and relaxing.
I came up with
"Belle Fioriture" Which mean Beautiful Blooms in Italian.

I can't wait to see what you come up with. Its an awesome kit!
Congrats on the baby too. I have 7 and every one was just as exciting as the first!
Hugsss and Take Care


Anonymous said...

You are SUCH an amazing designer and layout artist, and I am SO glad that you are back in the saddle again. Wowzer. Words cannot describe the fabulous-ness of your pages.

OK, kit name suggestion:

Sunwashed Memories
Touched by the Sun

Thanks for all of your inspiration. Best wishes for the last weeks of your pregnancy... you truly glow (and that can't just be actions and effects!)

~Aly in GA

Carola said...

Gorgeous kit!
Especially the blue colors look great.
I suggest:

Time for pleasure
Summertime blues
Expecting you
Summer Joy
Always expected
Attend Summer Fun
Soft Awaited
Expectant Estate


Ken & Vicki in Japan said...

Wow, you must really be anxious to change shape and hold the baby in your arms instead of your lap...great layouts and congratulations on the new little one.
My suggestion for a name:
Summer Escapades
Seaside Solitude

Thanks! And trust all goes well in the delivery.

Anonymous said...

I thought of one how about

Seaside Elegance

~Julie~ said...

What a beautiful kit

The first name that popped in my head was Summer Breeze

I hope you are doing well

JanMary said...

My suggestion was Summertime Blues - but I see it has already been proposed!

Summer Dreams?

Love your recent layouts, and great to see you scrapping more again.

Magdalena said...

Hi Lucy, I just saw I missed a great fun suggesting you a name of lovely new kit ;) I have one excuse - I was delivering LOL My little one was born on 26th June :) OK, I'm going further to read newest post :) Greetings, Magdalena (m2m).

Anonymous said...