Friday, April 6, 2007

The BIG news is finally here!

Hi there, I'm here again! Two days in a row, that's something, huh? I just wanted to finally tell you the BIG news, toot toot!: I've accepted an offer and will be selling my designs at DivineDigital!!! Isn´t that great?!? Got another offer at the same time but decided to go with only one for now. I'm so excited about it!!! This past week I've been busy sorting out things, contract, set up, finishing my products etc. My entree to the store coincides with one year anniversary of the site so there's gonna be a big Grab Bag sale which you don´t want to miss!

Be sure to stop by because my Grab Bag is gonna be there too and it's gonna be full of goodies!

Hey, but it doesn´t mean that I won´t give away freebies anymore, okay, I WILL! Actually I've just made one for you to celebrate with me! It's a set of 12 tassels which are gonna be a perfect finish to your heritage or vintage pages! Here is the preview:

And you can download it here. SORRY, THE LINK HAS BEEN DISABLED. Please don´t forget to leave some love if you DL, you know I love reading your comments!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the tassels. Congrats on setting up shop at DivineDigital!

Moni said...

Lu díky,díky :)))..moc hezký!
Lucille i don`t no what it meen but i think it`s ok.
Woohoo girl you rockz!!!
Congratulations and i will go to get your grab bag *gg*
Thank you sooo much for these cute tassel`s!!
Have a great *easter-weekend*
Luv ya ;-)
{{bighugs}} Moni

Moni said...

Oh Lucille the link on your Blog to DivineDigital doesn`t work ;-)


Lucie aka Lemonaid Lucy said...

Ooops, thank you, Moni, haven´t noticed! it's fixed now! And I was just thinking how on Earth could you come up with some Czech and you copied it from 4shared, right? Smarty:o))) (it means 'thanks, thanks, it's very nice!') Anyway, it's really sweet of you to use my mother tongue:o) Working on your challenge see if I get it done. Happy Easter to you too!
Love&Hugs to you, Lilli and Florian

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tassels and congrats on joining Divine

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank you so very much for the wonderful tassels!!
Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tassels! These are great!!


Deon said...

Thanks, these are great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

OMG I have seriously been looking for these for EVER!!! THANK YOU!!! I have even requested a few designers to make them and NOTTA>> and I would have but I have been making a mega kit.. SO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so HAPPY, you have NOOOO Idea.. These will look GREAT with my heritage photos.. and MY brothers GRAD photo!!!(tassels for their hats ya know!!!) YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAA!!!!! TTYTYTYTYTYTY

Okay can you tell I am happy? LOL TY!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!! The tassels are great!! Congrats to setting up shop at Divine Digital!!

Jenny said...

Thanks so much!These are great!
And happy easter :-)

Joanna said...

Congratulations and Happy Easter!
Great tassels - thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Lu, thank you very much for your tassels.

Anonymous said...

thank you and congrats

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist getting these, god they match me so well! Perfectly beautiful tassels. Thank you so much.

taslle :)

twoboyz00 said...

Congrats on your new shop at Divine Digital, and thanks so much for the tassels!

Anonymous said...

These are great, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your shop...sounds so exciting! love the tassels too! thanks so much and happy easter.

barbara said...

so nice! you don't often see tassels and they go well on heritage layouts. Thanks alot.

Muka said...

i love these!! thanks so much for sharing... these are so useful!

jill said...

Congratulations! And thank you for these lovely tassels.

Nightshadow said...

These are the prettiest tassels I've ever seen. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

it wanted a password before I could download them. What is the password?

The tassels are a perfect touch!

xashee's corner said...

thank you so much for sharing your awesome talents!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your contract! That is a dream of mine, but I am not quite there yet. Your designs are delish and I love to read your blog. If it is okay I want to add you to my blogroll. Let me know, if you don't mind. Have a great day and good luck. AmyLeigh or

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tassels!!! Thank you.

rachel said...

Hey, Miss Lucy!

Thanks for the fabo tassles. I've got a few sets, but yours seem to hang more realistically than others I've seen.

Prague, huh? Lucky, Lucky, Lucy! LOL When you get back and settled in I'd love to see a freeb kit of some sort of vintagey travel/architecture thing with elements taken from all the amazing photos you got. Subtle hint, huh?

Also, I don't know if you do any mentoring, or anything like that, but I'm gonna ask anyway. I'm newly disabled from my exciting (and profitable!) career in financial sales. But, discovered dig scrap and loving it! Missed having a creative outlet in a huge way!

I absolutely love your work. I think my overall style is pretty similar to yours, though my talent and experience is lagging way behind. I'm really determined to begin an earning career as a designer. Teaching myself photoshop madly...spend bout 10 hours plus learning and scrapping daily. Like I said, I'm determined! But I've only been doing this for a month and a half, so I'm not really sure where to go from here. I'm getting a blog set up within 2 weeks, where I plan to offer tons of freebies (for other po' people like me! I miss that old salary! LOL), and possibly start beginning to sell products from blog. But ideally, within the next 6 mos, I'd like to get hired by a scrap boutique as a designer.

Clearly, you've managed to make this happen for yourself, and I'm just wondering if you have any advice for me? Did you get hired out of your blog?

I'm applying (waaay long shot!) for 2 creative team positions this week. Plus, I've gotten lots of advice and help from Doris Castle, whos one of my fave designers. Do you have anything to add? Anything you think might be of use to me in my lunge for a digital career? Any (free!) design resources that you think I'd find useful?

I'm following tuts like crazy, but wondering where does one go to learn how to create elaborate elemets (like your tassles, for instance). What I need is a huge list of element tutorials. Scrapbook_bytes has been helpful, but theres just tons thats not covered. Any other helpful design resource sites you know about?

Whew...long email! Sorry! I have nothing but free time, so if there's anything you're needing to hunt for on net, I'm the absolute queen of research! I'd love to do any little tasks you have need of. I've also got some kick badonk-a-donk sites for snazzy vintage resources, amazing brushes, really obscure stuff you may not have seen before, and much of it is ok for commercial use, so maybe I could offer you some help that way?

Ok..gonna stop beggin now! But if you ever hear of any moderator/creative team positions, I'd love to hear about em! For the time being, I work really cheap (free for you in exchange for help) for dig for free products. There's so many amazing products out there I'd love to play with, but till we sell our house we're living a 2 salary lifestyle on one salary! LOL

And finally...I'm just about done with my first ever digital creation. I'd love to have your opinion of it, if you wouldn't mind. And if you like it, you're welcome to offer it to your blog readers. If you wouldn't mind taking a look, send your email addy so I can get the link to you.

Thanks so much for all of your time! And again, if theres ever anything you need, I'd be glad to help!

Hope you had a fabulous time in Prague!

-rachel kendall
"orachel" on most design sites

Ps...your kidlets are gorgous!

Gail said...

Fabulous tassels - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great tassles I didn't have any, thanx

Heike said...

Thank you very much!

tajicat said...

Fabulous! Thanks so much! :)

beachnut999 said...

these are great TX