Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thank you, more LO's and a little explanation re my tutorial

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's so great reading your nice comments, I'm glad you liked it! Some of you asking where I find the time to do this...well, I work mainly at nights and I hardly go to sleep before 3 am. I live on coke and chocolate, LOL! Then once in a while I catch up on some sleep and continue:-)

I'd like to post a couple of LO's today too. Magdalena, thank you for sending the link again, I found where the problem was - the comment section was not showing the full link so it was not your fault! I'm sorry...Anyway, after some digging in the gallery I found your LO and here it is:

I love the green border with the flowers and buttons, great LO! Please let me know your email addy so I can send you a little thank you!

And another one came to me from Karen Pereira:

What a cute baby! I love the soft colors used in this LO!

A couple of you have asked me about the tutorial I posted the other day, to be specific - why to use so many copies when using patterned paper. Okay, I'll show you the difference here. If you place the paper under the curtain and set the blend mode of the curtain layer to multiply, you'll get this:

It looks good, it shows the shading and the highlights....however, there's something wrong here, don't you think? Look at your curtain at home, do it! What do you see? Do you see how where the fold begins you can´t see the rest of the pattern because it's hidden behind the fold? And then on the next fold you can see the pattern again but NOT the continuation of the previous fold? If you copy, move and cut you'll get a realistic effect of discontinued pattern:

Do you see the difference already (Ruby:-))? Anyway, I have to credit my DH for this one because I did it first as it's shown on the first picture and couldn´t figure out what was it that I didn´t like about it. I showed it to IƱaki and he told me: 'Oh, that's cool, but it doesn´t look real because the pattern is not discontinued where the folds are.' My clever hubby!:-)

Gonna go back to working now because my grab bag is not finished yet!

Thanks for all your support and love! See you soon!

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Desert Mum said...

Thanks for the painted alpha and special thanks for your "how to" guide. I often have trouble with stuff, especially recolouring, never quiet sure which method to use and when.