Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do babies have sense of humor?

I don't know, I guess they do! I've just found some first signs of sense of humor in my almost 8 months old son today. At least I think so - I was feeding him lunch and he spattered a spoonful of lentils (he loves lentils!) looking at me like 'what are you going to do, mum, huh?' I put an 'angry' face - you know that one that you're just trying hard to protect yourself from bursting out laughing, right? So that one I put, trying hard to stay as serious as possible. You know what he did? He was examining my face and - God knows what's going on in that tiny brain - he put that half guilty face like that he should feel guilty but not quite there, and slowly the corners of his mouth started to raise...higher and higher...until he finally began to crack up! And me, of course, with him! Oh man, it was so hilarious, I couldn't stop. And he found it so funny that he repeated it with every single spoonful...same face, watching me and finally cracking up. We were both one big mess and the kitchen too...oh well, a bit of extra cleaning, lol, wouldn't change those moments for anything!

Talking of feeding, I've made a layout with that new gorgeous kit from Gina - Being Me. I had those hilarious photos of my DD at her 10 months falling asleep during dinner. The colors from the kit were just perfect for this occasion:

Credits here.

And this photo I've been wanting to scrap for a long time!

Credits here.

I mentioned in the previous post that I had this idea of scrapping the resemblance of my two kids. But I just couldn't find the right pictures! The thing is that there are moments when Eneko looks EXACTLY like his older sister but...I just can't seem to catch these moments:-( In the end I made it with these photos:

Credits and journaling here.

It's turned out quite ok despite the 'not perfect' photos:-)

Hey, thank you all for your lovely comments on the zodiac charms!!! I thought they might be useful for some layouts:-) Some of you revealed their sign too, I've counted a Scorpio, Gemini, Aquarius....and a Leo, my all time favorite!!! Yeah, you're getting it right, I'm a Leo myself, lol! My DH is a Sagittarius and although I don't quite believe in those things, it seems that stars work very well for us!!!

Off to finish some stuff now and bed time for me. Stay tuned for Friday's treat! This time it's gonna be something that is totally IN now:-) Take care and see you on Friday!


dypecek said...

Luci musím ti to ještě jednou pochválit- úžasný věci - nádhera a vůbec. jsi fakt dost dobrá !!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh what a cute story about the lentils! I'd love to see you scrap some pictures of that! Your LO's are beautiful!

Gail said...

Gorgeous layouts, and what a great story about the lentils! Yes, I believe babies do have a sense of humor!

SarahB said...

Babies absolutely have a sense of humor! Your layouts are amazing!

jennieb75 said...

LOVE love LOVE your LOs!! The one with the baby parts... oh so sweet!!! And the sleep dinner one had me laughing out loud!!!

KirstieGai said...

oh yes they do have a sense of humour, my 7 month old always smiles and giggles when his sisters get in trouble!

Garynka said...

your LO's are stunning!!! I love your style!

Opravdu valis!!!

Kimberly Ann Adams said...

what a fabulous page!!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Hi Lucie
Just had to say I love the layout of your kids in the book. What a great idea!