Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Live and laugh

Hey people, how are you? Today I want you to laugh, just laugh! And how do we do it, you're asking? Well, just read on, I have two funny stories here for you that happened to me last week...well, you might not find it so funny but on both occasions I was just cracking so much that I started to cry! Adn that had not happened to me in a long time!

Okay, so first one: The other day I was uploading a layout to the galleries, the blue one with my grandparents (scroll down to see it) and I was doing it really quick, kind of automatically. I finished and then later that day I went to check on the comments (just love reading them...and leaving them too!) and suddenly in one of the galleries I saw that the title I entered for the LO was (instead of Family) - Fun In The Bath!!! Oh man, I couldn't believe it! That title with the heritage layout looked just hilarious and I couldn't help it but laugh...you know how when you're entering the title and you type the first letter a list pops up with the previous titles? So I just clicked and there it was! I changed it immediately but I was laughing long after....

And then this big family lunch we had on Sunday after the first communion of my nephew...one of the appetizers were shrimps. They brought them and the waitress came to the table to ask if we wanted anything else. I just cracked one shrimp open to peel it. Well, they were really juicy...so you can already guess what happened. Yep, right, the juice splashed and right into her eye...she winked and didn't say a word!!! I apologized, of course, but after she left, man, we just couldn't stop laughing...for once in my life I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (that famous scene from the restaurant) lol! And imagine that the same waitress had the guts to come again and ask how the shrimps were, if they were good. And my brother-in-law replied that they were delicious, really juicy...oh my, everybody was cracking there...including that waitress! Okay, sooo, have you laughed? A little bit at least? If so, my today's goal has been achieved!!!

hey, any of you participated in that 'Sweet Kiss' challenge at Scrappicnic? The kit is gorgeous I can tell you! I 've already got it - finished my LO for them today:

Credits here.

That's it for today! Off to start preparing a freebie for Friday! Have a great day and - remember - SMILE!


Victoria said...

The first story reminds me of the silly joke that has the reply, "In the bathroom!" to everything.

Shrimp juice in the eye...you just have to laugh! Great story!

The kiss layout is gorgeous!

Eve is doing great, thank you for your sweet comment!

shawnyrvr said...

WOW!!!! That is a FANTABULOUS photo!!! Not to mention the layout to boot!!! Great Job!!!


-eVa- said...

LOL - loved your two funny stories! I had the same problem some times with my gallery too - and it's always so hilarious!

I love shrimps by the way! what a funny story!

gorgeous photo!!!


Chels said...

yep... made me giggle.

Smanda said...

hehe thanks for the laugh!! cute stories! And love the layout you did for the sweet kiss contest!!

dypecek said...

hele co nevíš nepovíš co? :-). Ti lvi jsou fakt boží.

Tammy Dunlap said...

Oh thanks so much for the laughs! I really needed them so they were perfect timing for me! Hugs,

Lonny said...

Thanks for sharing the stories. It's been a long day and it was nice to read your stories and laugh. Thanks for all your freebies you leave too. JUST THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!