Thursday, June 21, 2007

School's over!

Yay! The term is over and my DD is hanging out with me again! Bad for you though, lol, because I have much less time to blog, haha. Not that I've been a good blogger, but...First of all I want to thank you all for your AWESOME comments, they really make my days, I read them and I just find myself smiling....! It's so great to see that I can make you peeps happy!!! THANK YOU!

So, what's new over here? I have another blinkie in the right column! I've been offered a CT spot by a talented new designer who happens to be my mate at the W&W team - Rachel Young! If you don't know her designs, you can check them here. She's currently selling from her blog but soon joining one of my favorite stores, yay! (not telling ya cause it's a BIG secret!:-)) You'll know soon:-)

And guess what? Have you seen that yet? I won the Hodge Podge challenge last week!!! Sooooo thrilled! And the same layout I won with made it to the LOTD at DigiScrapDivas that day. Shining twice, how great is that?!? Here it is:

Credits here.

And this week my son also turned 8 months and this is his monthly journal:

Credits here.

And last but not least (I've been a busy bee!) I've made a layout for Father's Day. This has been a tough one for me but I'm feeling really good to put all those emotions on the 'paper':

Credits and journaling here.

Back to reality....yesterday my daughter finished her first preschool year, YESSSS!! I'm SOOO proud of her! She's learned so much and I don't stop being amazed how fast she grows every day...she can write in capitals, count to 30 (both in Basque and Czech), she tells stories, doesn' stop singing new songs...and, man, she's learned so many swear words...!!! She's improved a lot physically know she's always been very careful playing and usually skipping the dangerous stuff. And now I find her climbing the most impossible angles, hanging head down...every time I see it my heart stops, I'm sure you know what I mean...but I know I HAVE to let her do's hard but it feels so freaking great to see her proud of herself when she succeeds!!! Oh, man, gotta tell you - I had to laugh so much yesterday - we went to pick her up at school, almost all parents were there and we stayed for a while to chat and let the children play. And Amaia was showing me what she had learned - she could shimmy!!! And all of a sudden I got so touched and told her how much I was proud of her...she looked at me with her innocent (innocent???) eyes and said: 'And what are you gonna buy me?' OMG, I just couldn't stop laughing...we had been telling her before that we were proud of her and that at the end of the term we're gonna go shopping and get her something wouldn't she remember it, right? Wanna know what she wanted? Rollerblades! So she got them, all right (plus all possible protection, lol!)

That's it from me today and I'll be back tomorrow for your freebie!

Have a great day and THANK YOU so much for your friendship!


Pink Pixels said...

How precious! And even more precious is the time you'll get to spend with your sugar pop! Many pictures to be taken so keep the camera ready mom! Certainly there will be more shimmying!

What are kids for if not to scare the bejesus out of us? Now it's climbing, soon it will be dating, then driving....can you handle it??!?!

Smanda said...

congrads on on the new CT & the LOTD! i love your layouts!

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Hi Lucy!!! It was so nice to hear from you again :) Everyday I visit your blog to read something new :) School's over so you won't have much time for blogging :( But I still will check your blog :)

Conratulations on LOTD and winning a challenge :)

I love your son's monthly journal :) This circles are fabulous :)

Have a great weekend!!!