Monday, May 14, 2007


Hi! Another quickie today, it's 1.30 AM here and I'm off to bed! Just wanted to share my first LO I made for Weeds&Wildflowers! I finished it last night (uhhhm, well, better say early morning since it was almost 4 AM, lol!). I've been wanting to scrap those photos for a long time but I found it quite difficult...and I just couldn't find the right stuff. Now I got it, the new collection by Gina is gorgeous!

Full credits here.

Good day to you and thanks for stopping by!


kim199173 said...

Hey girl,
I just thought I leave you a note to let you know that your picture is not showing up. As a matter of fact, alot of your pictures arent showing up. At least not for me!

JanMary said...

I can see everything fine. Followed your blog link on your W&W link post. Been here before - but didn't realise you were also on the W&W CT - so hi, and love the lo - it is great being able to mix and match, isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

love the glittery borders! thanks so much.