Saturday, May 12, 2007

Something for Lynn and my beach experience

First of all, guys, I wanted to THANK YOU for all your words, your wonderful comments and for your understanding. I truly appreciate it!! (And also for the comments on the overlays, lol!). And you're right - I should have posted a picture so you know which one it is (well, there has only been one...). It was this one:
So, Nancy, don't worry, you don't need to delete anything!:-)

One last thing regarding the issue - there's one BIG person (among others, lol!) over at Divine Digital. Her name is Lynn Judge and she has been a great support to me these past hard days. Yesterday I got an email from her that contained a gem, a wisdom that I couldn't but agree with and it inspired me to SCRAP the whole thing, why not?!? I used her quote on that page (with her permission, of course, lol!) and I dedicated it to her.
For you, Lynn:

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Quotation: To admit your mistake is the high road and you will feel much better
in the long run. You hold you head high, admit an honest mistake, beg forgiveness
and then move on. THAT is the high road and it takes a big person to follow that
road. (Lynn Judge)

Journaling: There are times in your life when you make mistakes and sometimes it
feels really difficult to admit them. But it's the right thing to do and it makes
you a better person. It feels easier if you make a mistake that doesn't hurt
anybody else than yourself. But that's very rare. Usually there are other people
involved and it gets much worse. I've just lived a situation like this and
decided to scrap it as a reminder; to me and to other people who care. Not only
I have hurt a person but I have also endangered the business of others. And
believe me, it is a HARD lesson to learn. But sometimes it’s good to learn
the hard way - you will never forget it! Everything has it's bright side and
this one too; I have found out that there ARE people out there who care! They
can't go with you all the way though. In the end it's up to you only how you
handle it. It's all about your attitude. I have admitted commiting a mistake.
I have apologized. and I’ve been forgiven. I have learned. It feels just right.
Time to move on.

And now it IS time to move on!:-)

How's your weekend? I've had no horseback riding classes today since there was a competition. We went to a nearby beach town instead and rented a horse for me and a pony for Amaia (my daughter) and went for a ride to a beach. I've always dreamt of riding a horse on a beach, you know, like in one of those movies...:-) Free as a bird, galloping, splashing water and stuff....So today it's been my first time doing that. Until now there was either no horse or no beach or either of them; or there was a horse and also a beach but it was forbidden to ride there:-) Okay, so I FINALLY made my dream come true this morning! The beach was full of crap, broken branches, empty plastic bottles and stuff so you had to be careful where to step; a lot of fishermen throwing in their fishing rods with baits, which was scarring the horse...the horse (BTW, her name was Lucy:-)) was one of those tourist horses that are used to follow the guide (there was no guide so she didn't want to go alone). It took quite some effort to make her WALK! Eventually I made her trot (my biggest achievement today, lol!) and then, when we arrived to the end of the beach, she decided it was time to go home (those horses know their routes well, don't they?) and there was no way I could turn her around! No matter how hard I was pulling the reigns or pressing her with my feet, she would still go straight, towards the stables! Oh well, home we went then, it was too hot anyway, lol!...So far my beach riding experience (dreams and movies are so much better, right?). But we've had a wonderful time!!!

Thanks for visiting and leaving some love! Hope you have a great Sunday and see you soon!


kim199173 said...

Lynn is right. You are a good and honest person! You proved it by how you responded to this!

And thank you for posting a picture of it. I will be searching through my files tonight for it.

*smiles and lots of hugs*

Brooke - in Oregon said...

That is a great layout and I really appreciate you sharing with us. Might keep one of us from accidently making the same mistake. I am going thru my files to make sure I have designer names on all of them.

Love the horse story, our DS (who is 25) has a horse and has done the beach thing. While he enjoyed it, he said it was not really what he expected either. He likes riding the hills around home better. lol

Hope you are having a great Mother's Day!

Pett said...

Hi, my Star:-)) Lo is beautiful, color and Picture is sweet:-) Pett

Nancy72 said...

OOOOOOOOOO...I'm so happy that I came back to check about the frame cluster...YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!!!

(((((GIANT HUGGGS)))))