Friday, May 4, 2007

Grammar Question, GRAB BAG Sale, Important Decision and a Freebie

Good day to all of you, it’s Friday! Today we have a busy day so I better get straight to the point (well, there’s a few points, actually, LOL!)

First of all I’d like to show you another LO from Brooke using my newspaper swirls:

Thank you so much Brooke, it’s lovely! What a wonderful keepsake! I'm gonna go through this phase with our little man very soon, LOL!

On to my grammar question - you know, I was wondering the other day if the post title was correct..? Since I used an abbreviation where you actually spell the first letter I wasn´t sure if to use ‘an LO day’ (as for an el o day) or ‘a LO day’ (as for a layout day)….I’m not a native speaker… anybody who can help me out with this one??? Thanks a lot in advance!

Next issue….wow, we’re rolling today!!! To celebrate the National Scrapbooking Day we’re having a GRAB BAG sale over at Divine Digital! It starts TODAY and runs through Sunday. Come and check it out! I’ve made my bag for you with lots of LOVE of course, and, well, I’m not supposed to reveal what’s inside but just a little hint, LOL!… the Grab Bag contains 3 new products which are all together for $2 this weekend. After that they’ll be separated and put for a normal sale. And as I mentioned before there’s a very special and unique set included:-), I had so much fun creating it!

You may have noticed that I’ve removed the link to my old blog. The reason is that after a couple of months I’ve removed the links for the last freebies that were there so it’s of no use anymore. Doing that I’ve actually made an important decision about the freebies. I’ve figured out that most of the downloads happen within one week from releasing the freebie so I’ve decided that as of today each of the freebies is going to be available for ONE WEEK and then I’ll move it on to the store. WHY, you’re asking? Well, first - it seems a little idle to me to have good stuff just lying around after I’ve disabled the links, don’t you agree? (of course not, LOL!) ; and second is – and that’s being absolutely honest with you – that I put more hours making the freebies for you than making the stuff for the store (no kidding here!!!). I love it but it's just if I put so much love and effort in it I don't like it laying around:-) Anyway, one week is a long time and I’m not worried about you not having the freebie downloaded before it’s removed, LOL! So, after I’ve disabled the link you can always find it in the store (link is in the right column). For now I'm going to add the Memories kit, it's uploading right now!

And for all who’s made it this far I have a prize….freebie! I just can’t stop playing around with painting so I’ve made these painted butterflies for you. I’ve added a bit of glitter which is always good:-)

Here is a detail:

The set contains 31 pre-made painted butterflies with two different glitter outlines PLUS, what is the best of all, 3 separate .png files – one with the painting and 2 with glitter - to make YOUR OWN customized butterfly to suit your LO’s! This time, the best method for colorizing it to suit your LO’s is via Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation (in PS CS2). Anyway, the instructions are included in the TOU so be sure to read it!:-) And you can snag it here. SORRY, THE LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED. YOU CAN NOW FIND IT IN MY STORE.

Whatever question or problem you may have please email me (addy is in the left column under My Profile). And, as always, I’d really appreciate to get some love from you if you download:-)

Thank you for visiting and come back soon! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the butterflies...they're so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the glitter butterflies. Regarding the grammar, use of "a" or "an" depends on how the following term is pronounced. If LO is normally pronounced as "layout" then "a LO" for "a layout" is used. If LO is normally pronounced as "el oh" then "an LO" for "an el oh" is used.

Brooke - in Oregon said...

As far as the grammar goes, ummm I don't have clue and I AM a native speaker! lol

Thanks for posting the layout of my cute little grandaughter, that was a nice surprise to see when I opened your blog today!

I see I have some shopping to do this weekend :)

Thanks for the butterflies, they are totally cute

Lynn said...

"an" is usually used when the word following it begins with a vowel: a,e,i,o,u. (example: "an elephant" or "an umbrella"). "a" is generally used when the word following it begins with a consonant: the rest of the alphabet. (example: "a horse" or "a car")
I can't think of them at the moment but, there are a few exceptions to "the rule", though.

Daniela said...

Funny you should ask... It's been only 5 years since I learned decent English (well, good-enough English) and I have those kinds of questions all the time.
The thing is, I never ask! I always try to find a way around the problem (in this case, I would put an adjective before the noun).
I should start asking too, it would only help me improve... I'm watching the comments on this post for an answer.
Thanks for sharing your question and for the butterflies!

twoboyz00 said...

These butterfles are too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Garynka said...

I love these butterflies, Lucy! Thanks for sharing them with us!
I have the same grammar problems as you do all the time, lol! I will be watching the right answer here :)
Have a great weekend!

Beth said...

Hi Lucy, Lynn is right on the mark.
One of the exceptions to the rule would be that "an" is used on an unstressed syllable.
Example- An historical moment, versus a history book.
Half way down the page at this site it explains it better.

Thanks for the freebie! ;)

Beth said...

Hmm, I'll try to leave that URL again, it's complete in my clipboard but only a portion is being left.

Anonymous said...

Ty for the freebie... beautiful work... and Lynn is absolutely correct with the grammar question! :o)

rae_j said...

So thoughtful to include instructions and so many colours!

Anonymous said...

Nice freebies, so good of you to share :)

Just a comment on your grammar question. "an" if the following word begins with a vowel sound and "a" if a consonant sound. Example: "a horse" because horse begins with a consonant sound, but "an hour" because even though hour begins with a consonant, the first sound is a vowel sound. Yeah, English is THAT confusing--and then some *LOL*

Scrapcat4914 said...

Beautiful!! TY so very much!!!

Ally S. said...

Love the butterflies!! thanks so much!

Heather said...

These are gorgeous!!! Thank you! Happy NSD!

Renata Pamplona said...

Loved the butterfly. Thanks.

jen_lehman said...

How fun! I recently found your blog and love your little goodies. They put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Tanya/TiggerRD said...

These are beautiful - thanks for telling us about them over at Divined Digital!