Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hi people! Today I’m posting an announcement of TOP IMPORTANCE so please read it all!

Remember my first freebie, that frame cluster? To make this cluster I used a frame that I had downloaded from internet (the only time I’ve ever used an unknown external source). Now the WARNING for all of you – I’m sharing this experience with you so it doesn’t ever happen to you too! – It contained a bunch of other frames and embellies and there was no restriction on using them whatsoever, it just said ‘free use’ so I used it to create the cluster (well, first I created a layout and since I liked how it turned out I made the cluster out of it). Since I also have some files out there for free use, even without TOU’s it did not even cross my mind that I’d be doing something bad. Hmmm…wrong…I was! It must have been a pirate file because…yesterday I got an email from Katie Pertiet, the owner of DesignerDigitals that she thinks it was her vintage frame freebie in that cluster. The funny thing (well, the whole thing is not too funny but…) was that I had that freebie frame from her too! But since I acquired it much later and had it in different folders (have one for personal use only and another one for free use) I didn’t even notice that they were the same! So far for the background of this issue…SO:

I sincerely admit here that I’ve made a mistake using that ‘anonymous’ frame which happened to be the frame of Katie. I’ve learned and I appall to all of you do NOT do the same mistake, do NOT ever use anything that comes from an unknown source no matter how free it is!!!

(A note for you: whatever you grab from me that doesn´t have TOU’s feel free to use it, even commercially. I promise I won’t pursue you for that, lol!)

I also wanted to apologize here to Katie that I used her frame which she has copyright for. I’m truly sorry, Katie!!! And I must ask a BIG FAVOR from you to justify her rights – for those who have already used the cluster please go back and credit Katie properly. For those who have not used it yet please DON’T use it and DELETE it! I promise I’ll make it up for you and make another free cluster soon, this time with MY frames. Thank you so much for your help and understanding!

One more thing - if, by any chance, the person who shared the pirate file is reading this (how naïve of me, right?) – please join my apology to Katie and STOP the piracy!!!

That's all I wanted to say. O to brighter things tomorrow - don’t forget to check for a freebie! (I assure you it’s ‘clean’, lol! And all the rest too, don’t worry!)

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!


Daniela said...

It's great of you to tell us this story. With all the files coming and going on the internet, it's very easy to get caught on a situation like that.
Thanks for the alert and for your honesty admitting your mistake. There should be more people like you on the web!

kim199173 said...

What did you name this freebie? If you didnt have a specific name for it, could you please ask Katie if it would be alright if you posted a picture of this frame that you are talking about? The reason that I ask is that I dont organize my freebies that way. I keep a separate folder for each kit with just the name of the kit on the folder. The TOU are inside all of these. It would take me forever to go through all those folders to find which one you are talking about.

I am so sorry that this happened to you and Katie! Situations like this are not only wrong, but the designer and person thinking they were free for use are the ones that suffer for it! Were you able to backtrack to the person that you got them from?

Gail said...

I looked through all my files and didn't have the cluster frames you mentioned - unless the file didn't contain the word "Lemonaid" or "cluster." I didn't "discover" your website until last month (and I'm very glad that I found you and your wonderful work!). I'm sorry that this happened to you - it's a good reminder for all of us to be careful about where we pick up our freebies. Thank you for letting us know.

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Hi Lucie!!! I'm really sorry that it all happened to you... Thank you for sharing with us your story.

melrio said...

Girl, you're alright! I know that it must not have been easy to admit something like this to the whole world. WTG! {{HUGS}}

natalyna said...

Lu, I edit the credits on the scrap which was made with your cluster frames, and gave credit to Katie too! I hope more people will do it! It's great of you to admitt your mistake! Hugs!


LU, jsi pasak!

Anonymous said...

I just don't think this is such a bid deal!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Thanks for letting us know, cause I am sure most of us would not want to be put in that situation. I think I will go back thru my files and make sure I don't have any misc files. thanks again for the heads up!

Glenda said...

Thank you for the overlays. I have had several times that there is a period of time before I get freebies unzipped and filed. Just yesterday I found several that did not have a designer name anywhere in the file, no TOU, nothing. Now I have no idea who the designer is and will probably never know unless I find out just by chance. So far I just use things for my own personal use, but that could change down the road, so designers need to be sure that their name is in the unzipped file. Since I'm on the band wagon here, designers who make templates need to make sure that they have something to identify their templates - not just "Template No. 2". You need your initials or something to identify "who's No. 2."

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your honesty..and for sharing your takes a good person to come forward and treat their mistakes with such honesty and it tell me what a wonderful person you really is so easy in life to make mistakes in a world that can be sometimes very confusing. You are appreciated.

Lili Bollero said...

Hi, its the first time i visit you!
Wow. I read all this and i was sad for you. It was a mistake, but I know you was sad about that because you dont have any intention in that, dont you?
So, now that all is solved, I am sure you can make freebies and LO for everybody! and I have to make a wish about that: please put in the zip file an file with your name, date, and why not how we can use that...just to us remember when use all things ;)
Hugs and I will visit you often! (in portuguese)

sara said...

i totally agree with Glenda -- it is always so helpful to have as much info as possible in the file name -- but that is just my general rant and rave about file names LOL.

i think it is great that you were open about sharing this, but honestly i went and looked at Katie's vintage frames (if the ones in her store are the ones that she is talking about) and i don't think they look anything like yours! if she thinks that everybody who does curled and vintage looking frames are pirating off of hers, then she has a lot of designers to tell that too b/c those frames are everywhere and hers were very generic so i can't believe that she thought you pirated. okay, that's my other rant and rave for today :) i'm totally against piracy, but i mean these frames look like the ones in real life, so how can anybody copyright them?


ps:when i went to designer digitals in their freebie section, in my opinion, she hadn't properly identified the members who created those freebies. if the member didn't have their name on the preview, then there was little to show who did what since the files just had initials (and how are we supposed to know the initials of the members?) and all that katie labeled them on the gallery details section was that they were a freebie and the date of the challenge where the members had made them. ok, i'll stop now LOL!!