Saturday, May 5, 2007

One gorgeous LO made by a friend

Hello everybody! How's your weekend? Shopping at Divine Digital?:-) Kidding...thanks to all of you who have bought my special bag, I hope you like the content and especially the spicy special! And thank you for your lovely comments on the freebie!!! Hey and why don't YOU tell me what would you want next?

Thank you also for the replies on my grammar question. Although I think I haven't put it all that clear - I know the rules about vowels and consonants etc., the problem I had was if I use an abbreviation where the first letter is consonant (as in LO) BUT some read it 'el oh' in which case a vowel goes first and there should be 'an' in front and some read it 'layout' in which case should the article should be 'a' - only 'anonymous' actually understood what I meant - thank you, anonymous:-) And sorry for the misunderstanding....

Anyway, today I wanted to share a very special layout made by my friend Pett. She made it for us, for our little scrapping gang (although she didn´t include herself:-().

Isn´t it gorgeous??? I love everything about it The top picture is obviously me, LOL! Annie is a fellow designer, they have just put up a new blog together with Pett and they're offering fabulous freebies, check them out here! (the link is also in my left column The Blogs I Visit - Scrappicnic by Pett and Annie).
And the bottom picture is a very talented scrapper, she participates now in the huge Scrapping Queen contest over at Scrapbookgraphic. She's made this wonderful LO for the First Week of the contest:

You can check her gallery here.

Oh and I almost forgot - remember the LO I made with the belly shot? I found out only yesterday by accident that it was picked as a layout of the day over at DigiScrapDivas! That's my third one, wooohooo!

That's it for today, hope you have a wonderful weekend and see you soon!

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Moni said...

WOW ya, the Layout is absolutely awesome!! What a great friendship :)
I will wish you a terrific week Lucie!!